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Trendy Summer Wedding Manicure Ideas


There are no secondary details in the image of the bride, so a beautiful wedding manicure is no less important than a dress, an engagement ring, shoes and makeup. What does a trendy wedding manicure look like this year?

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Trendy summer wedding manicure. The bride’s manicure should look perfect, because it is to the hands of the newlyweds, on which the wedding rings flaunt, that the eyes of those present on that day are riveted. The new-fangled new marigold wedding designs this season represent an impressive variety, including incredibly delicate and beautiful design ideas in white, pink and beige. Brides are offered chic placers of stones, stunning openwork patterns, a manicure with a rub, themed drawings, an original jacket, an elegant gradient and many other options, which are described in more detail below.

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One of the main trends is again becoming a nail design using a pearl rub. Thanks to small particles, the nails literally sparkle in the sun, thereby creating incredibly beautiful highlights. Due to the fact that this solution looks very bright, additional decor is rarely used. Nevertheless, this is not prohibited. Therefore, you can safely experiment with various options.

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summer bride nailssource

Modern ladies do not always adhere to classical rules when choosing a wedding look. The outfits and decoration of the entire celebration with bright multi-colored details have long been not uncommon. At the same time, the bride’s manicure can also differ in brightness and can be, for example, red, blue or lilac. The nails can complement the shade of the bride’s bouquet, be combined with the color of the decoration of the hall for the ceremony, or harmoniously complement the groom’s tie. There are a lot of options and examples. The main thing remains one – a beautiful manicure must be complemented by well-groomed hands.

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