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Top 30 Sleek and Chic Silver Nail Designs


Creating great black & silver nail designs is really all about having the right nail tools and the best paints! With proper tools, some craftiness, and a bit of creativity you can find fun and cute nail designs with ease!

How to Start Your Black and Silver Nails

White black and silver nailsSource Pink black and silver nailsSource Black white and silver nail designSource Black and silver nail artSource Black and silver cute nailsSource Silver and black nail tipsSource

When you set out to design black and silver nails, the use of tape is one of the best kept secret techniques in all nail art designs. Some of the best geometric shapes and strip designs are crafted with basic stationary tape. All you need to do is cut your tape into the desired shape or strip and put it over your nail, then paint over it. You can cut out heart shapes from a strip of tape and then place it over your nail for a heart shaped design, or cut out a bell shape for wedding bells. When you use scotch tape for your nail art be sure that your base polish is dry before you apply.

Using Tape to Make Your Designs

Cut the shape or strips you want before you start applying the black glitter or silver glitter base coat so that you don’t smudge your nails when you try and cut it. Put the tape you cut someplace that it is easily removed like a glass table corner that way it doesn’t get stuck. When you remove the tape, use a pair of tweezers to prevent messing up your design. If you mess up, remember that you can touch up a small mistake with a nail art brush instead of starting over. One of the fun designs you can paint with nail art and tape is a zigzag of black & silver like in the picture above.

Pretty silver and black nails Source Pink black and silver nailsSource Best black and silver nail artSource Pink black and silver nailsSource Silver glitter nailsSource

The nice thing about black and silver nails is that you can create designs on acrylic nails or plastic nail tips so that you can recreate them over and over like in the photos above!

Tips for Painting Your Nails with Nail Art

Start out with a base coat for strength. One of the best things about black glitter nail polish is that it gives your nails an added layer of strength. When you are applying your base nail polish you should use a clear nail hardener or a high quality nail polish in order to keep your nails water resistant. Some of the best nail polish brands are Sally Hansen and L’Oréal.

Before you apply nail polish you should clean your nails, buff your nails, trim them, and file them so that you have a smooth surface on which to apply your nail art. If you have any stains on your nails you can remove them before you start applying your nail art with a mixture of one cup of water and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Allow your nails to soak for five minutes and then wash your hands using warm water.

Black glitter with silver glitter nailsSource Image of black and silver nail artSource Cool Black white and silver nail designSource Black and silver gel nailsSource Black and silver polish nailsSource

You can also try a black glitter base for your nails, putting silver glitter on top like in the pictures on the left.

Try your hand (no pun intended) at different patterns the first time, see which ones you like the best. Some cute designs include alternating black glitter with silver glitter tips, or a mix of solid prints with glitter tips like in the photos below:

Silver and black shimmer nailsSource Ideas for silver and black nail artSource Black and silver nail art picturesSource Black and silver nail varnishSource Cool black glitter nails Source

Fun Prints

One of the most popular designs for black and silver nails is the checkered print. For checkered nails pick two colors, black and silver. Try one dark color like black and one glittery silver color.

Of course don’t let that limit you! First paint your base color and allow it to dry completed. After that place a piece of tape over half of your nail so that it splits it vertically. Then place another piece of tape on the remaining half of your nail so that it splits it horizontally. Paint your second color. Allow this to dry. Then you can use two new pieces of tape to create a diagonal box opposite the one you just painted. Paint this with your second color and let it dry. Once everything is dry you can apply a finishing touch of top coat to add a layer of protection on your black and silver nails!

Cool Silver glitter nailsSource Sparkly black and silver nail artSource Best black and silver nail artSource Cool black and silver nail artSource

Different Black and Silver Nail Designs

You can mix a hint of silver sparkle nail polish to make a bold statement on your nails. You can complement your silver purse or dress with a silver glitter polish.

Beautiful Black glitter nailsSource Black and silver ombre nailsSource Black and silver ombre nailsSource Cool black and silver ombre nailsSource

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