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The Best 25 Ideas Of Red Matte Nails


Red matte nails are classic and mysterious. They are for people who don’t need extra glitz and glam to show off the beauty of their manicures. If you’re someone who is down to earth and classy, these understated sophisticated looks are for you! We’ve put together the top 25 red matte nails from all over the internet. You’ll be pleased with the simplicity of these pretty designs and the way they combine colors and hues to produce truly elegant looks. Grab a bottle of your favorite matte red nail polish and let’s get started!

These classic looks are so easy and quick to perfect

All you need for these looks is some matte red nail polish, and you’ll be good to go! If you don’t want to spend hours on patterns and designs, these matte red nails are the ones for you.

red matte nailsSource cool dark red matte nailsSource easy matte red nailsSource hot matte red nail polishSource bright matte red nailsSource dark red matte nailsSource

Here are ideas for red matte nails if you want longer, more pointy, stiletto nails.

acrylic red matte nailsSource matte red nail polishSource

Try a red on red design for a hidden layer of texture and mystery

Mix both matte and glossy red nail polish to create these looks. They’re a bit mysterious because you don’t notice their edginess on first glance, but if one were too look closer, he or she would see the trendy mix of nail polish styles. Very bold and understated sexy, don’t you think?

most popular red matte nailsSource matte red nailsSource matte red nails with disignSource

Glam up your red matte nails with some glitter

Glitter adds a “wow factor” to any manicure! Here are some ideas for how to use a bit of glitter with your red matte nails. You’ll see that a little bit can go a very long way with these photos.

hot dark red matte nailsSource ideas matte red nailsSource cute red matte nailsSource

Glitter doesn’t always have to be gold or silver. Here, the glitter used is red, and it reminds us of Dorothy’s shoes from the Wizard of Oz!

glitter matte red nail polishSource

If you’re feeling a bit bolder, use rhinestones to play with texture and sparkle

Rhinestones, gems, and nail decals are another way to add a bit of glam to your manicure! When used tastefully, they produce quite a pretty effect. Use these ideas as your next inspiration for a bold and pretty nail design.

red matte and glossy nailsSource best red matte nail polishSource

This rhinestone look will make you feel like royalty!

pretty red matte nailsSource

Here’s a rhinestone nail design perfect for the holiday season.

best red matte nailsSource

Paint on a pretty accent nail to take your red matte nails up a notch

These next designs feature a lovely, more detailed accent nail to really elevate the red matte nails. The first is a red and black design that will help you unleash your wild side with its leopard print detail.

red & black matte nailsSource

The next two are inspired by delicate lace! The intricacies produce a very soft and pretty look, wouldn’t you agree?

cool red matte nail polishSource long red matte nailsSource

These more intricate designs are sophisticated, sexy, and oh so very sleek

Red matte nails go perfectly with floral inspired prints and designs. Here are two examples. The first is a simpler, single rose design. Paint four of your nails in matte red nail polish, then use white polish on your accent nail as a base. You can either use true nail polish to paint on the rose, or if you want to have a bit more control over your details, use felt tip markers in pink, red, and green!

new matte red nailsSource

The second floral inspired design is even more detailed and twice as elegant. Rhinestones and bright red matte nail polish were used to make this manicure even more pretty. You’ll have to be sure to keep a steady hand when painting on those roses for the ultimate elegant effect!

red matte nails with disignSource

Finally, this red matte nail design was inspired by a tribal design. The very clean, intricate geometry patterning makes for a chic and bold look with a modern art vibe, wouldn’t you agree?

red matte nail polishSource

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