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Patriotic Makeup Ideas You Need to Try This 4th of July


It is July 4 that Americans celebrate their Independence Day. In 1776 (that is, 242 years ago), the Founding Fathers of the United States adopted the Declaration of Independence, declaring the British colonies in North America free.
56 deputies, including Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, participated in the creation of the Declaration – the first official document in which the colonies were called the “United States of America.”

easy 4th of july makeupsource

Patriotic Makeup Ideas

For the evening make-up option, Americans choose smoky-eyes – the embodiment of sexual negligence

smokey eye makeup


easy 4th of july makeupsource

Holidays are not too frequent in a series of gray everyday life. At the time of the celebration, I want to fully correspond to the event, starting with the mood and ending with the appearance. Patriotic Makeup is an important part of the holiday look. It differs from the usual everyday option by a brighter palette and additional decorative details in the form of sequins, rhinestones or false eyelashes.



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