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How To Make Your Eyes Look More Expressive


How to make your eyes more expressive is a question that every fashionable girl is asking when she stands in front of a mirror. Properly applied makeup is capable of making the eyes more expressive; while the improperly applied makeup will destroy the beautiful eyes. Use bright crayon, white, beige, or light pink color for highlighting the continuing of the lower eye cover. This will help to visually increase the eyes and will hide the redness of the eyes.eye-makeup-tutorial--eye-lookssource1. On the whole territory of the eye covers, apply eye shadow that is closed to the tone of your natural skin color. how to apply eyeshadow tutorial

2. To emphasize the shape of the eye with a black soft crayon emphasize the upper and lower part through the length of the eyelashes. Make the upper line a little more wide. How To Make Your Eyes Look more expressivesource
3. Get rid of the circles under the eyes they are the main sign of fatigue. Don’t forget to hide the circles under the eyes, so they won’t attract the attention. It is important to choose the right corrector; you shouldn’t use corrector with thick to apply eye correctorsourcebest-concealer-for-dark-circles-under-eyessource
4. Apply the mascara carefully and gently from the roots till the ends. Apply two layers of mascara, apply one layer, and after a few minutes apply the second. In this way your eyelashes will look bigger. how to apply mascara the right waysourcehow to apply mascara the right way 1source
5.  For more expressive  eyes look draw arrows with eyeliner. With the help of the eyeliner draw proper arrows, and in that way the eye will look bigger and more expressive. eyeliner hackssource
6. Make smoky eyes, in that way they will come to the fore. Smoky Eye Makeup TutorialssourceSmokey Eye Shadow Tutorialsource
7. For the eyes to look more expressive use lipstick or lip-gloss in nude color.lipstick or lip-gloss in nude colorsourceHow To Make Your Eyes Look more expressive 1sourceHow To Make Your Eyes Look more expressive source

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