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How to Laminate an Eyelashes


The fashionable beauty salons offer many procedures for improving the look. Every girl or woman wants to look nice and elegant no matter the age. Together with the makeup and the manicure, a fashionable way for taking care of the eyelashes is the laminating. The cosmetic procedure of laminating the lashes is gaining big popularity. More and more girls and women visit the cosmetic salons to improve the look with the help of extending and transforming the lashes. How to laminate an eyelashes ?how to laminate an eyelashessourceLaminating eyelashes is in few phases:

1. The lashes are disinfected.

2. Protection of the eye lid-a special mean is applied which has the effect of softening and disinfection.

3. In order to give the lashes visually bigger volume, on every hair on the eyelashes is applied special mean. They are made out of light silicone and almost you can’t feel them.

how to laminate an eyelashes 1

4. Before the coloring of the eyelashes, a special composition of nutritive matter is applied on them, which has protective and strengthening effect. You choose this composition and the color of the to laminate an eyelashes 2source

5. After the coloring, every lash is laminated with applying layer of keratin on it. This phase is the most important, because it demands from the technician to be extremely careful and concentrated. The procedure allows you to make your lashes long, impressive, healthy and thick. Under the influence of the keratin, the eyelashes are fed from the inside, taking the useful things, with which the illusion of colored lashes is created.

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