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How To Do Makeup For Office

Besides professionalism, a woman in office wants and needs to look good, nurtured, attractive enough, flawless makeup is one of many factors. Office Makeup depends on the company,  if there is a rule about clothes and makeup. Ideal office makeup is a natural variation of daily makeup, but with a certain emphasis. Now in fashion is natural. How much more natural makeup, the more attractive appearance. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the healthy appearance.

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For properly selected skin tones use funds in shades of brown, light beige. The most important thing in any make-up is  selection of a tan powder face. The main thing is to choose the correct powder (it should be as natural skin color) and then gently stroking the face. As blush can use pink or peach color, but carefully apply them so that the border not be too sharp.  Make emphasis on the eyes or lips, but in no case on both together. If you want to put emphasis on the lips, then choose a moisturizing lipstick with gloss and make eyes otherwise gentle, using only light shades with satin effect, gray or brown eyeliner pencil and a little mascara on the eyelashes.

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