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How to Choose the Right Lipstick Color

Properly chosen lipstick can make a lady look gentle and beautiful. If the lipstick is not properly chosen, it can make you look visually older. By applying the lipstick on our lips we attract attention. How to choose the right lipstick color ?


One of the main key points that affect the appropriate tone of lipstick on the lips is

To avoid unwanted mistakes in the selection of lipstick, the first of which you should pay attention to is the color of your skin.

How to choose the right color of lipstick for your skin

If you have brightt skin, you should give preference to natural and gentle tones, namely, from pale pink to plum.

The ladies who have dark skin or tanned skin, look good with lipstick in beige or brown color which is also nice view if the color inflicts with golden glow.

Ladies with darker skin it is best to choose a plum lipstick and dark red burgundy color lipstick.

Girls with not very bright, but not very dark skin are advised to pay attention to the red and gold tones.

 How to choose the right color of lipstick for  your hairfind-the-perfect-lip-color-for-hair-color


Girls with dark hair have a large selection of colors. The general rule is the darker air color, the brighter choice of lipstick.

Blonde haired need to select all shades of pink. The blonde girls also look good in coral, purple and pale peach lipstick.

 How to pick a lipstick color-Age

Over the years, the lips become less juicy, and prone to thinning. Volume of the lips can give brilliant pearl, and pastel, cream, beige tones. Young girls are advised to refrain from blacks because they add age. Young ladies look best with natural colors that are 1 to 2 shades brighter from the color of their lips.

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