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Feather Eyebrows Trend on Instagram


Before some time, the Finish makeup artist Stella Sironen, as a joke published a photo on Instragram with feather eyebrows, on which she says that this is the new trend. But, the internet, for some reason, took this seriously and this trend spreads like a forest fire. Do you dear ladies, like this trend? It is really simple to make your eyebrows to look like this. You will need eyebrow gel, but if you don’t have that, you can use lip-gloss.Feather Eyebrows Trend on InstagramsourceFeather Eyebrows Trend on Instagram 1 sourceFeather Eyebrows Trend on Instagram source

For this trend, your eyebrows need to be wide and long, so you can make them to look like feathers. And if you add glow and make a significant accent on the eyes, as well on the eyebrows, Feather Eyebrows can become one unusual way of evening make up . Some fashionable girls really liked this trend feather eyebrows, some of them really hate it, but the fact stays that they are modern and the fashion needs to be followed. So dear ladies, if you are brave enough try the new  feather eyebrows trend.Feather Eyebrows Trend on Instagram sourceFeather Eyebrows Trend on Instagram 4sourcefeather brows instagram trendsourceFeather Eyebrows Trend on Instagram 1source


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