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DIY Pearl Accessories

The history of the pearl begins in antique China 3000 year ago, where decorations of pearls were gifts for the kings, ministers and they’re wives. In the history of antique Greece, ancient Egypt and to Roman Empire, the pearls are first mentioned. For example, in some state of the ancient Egypt, was prohibited by the law wearing pearls jewelry if you are not a member of the family of the pharaohs. In the Bible, the pearls are compared with eternity. In Europe, there was belief that if you constantly wear pearls, it means you will be healthy and lucky.
DIY Pearl Accessoriessource


The pearls are considered to be romantic and noble precious stone. Do you dear ladies like the pearls? If you have at home pearls accessories and you haven’t wear them because they don’t match your clothes or are damaged or are not in trend anymore.

DIY Fashion Braclet


If you are creative, you can use the pearls and make new accessories from them, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings etc. in continue I present you few interesting ideas for making interesting accessories with pearls. Enjoy!!!

diy beaded hair clipssource

DIY Pearl Accessories


DIY Pearl Chain Necklace


DIY Rings Jewelry

diy perl ringssource

DIY Pearl Hair Accessories Ideasdiy hair accessories ideassource

DIY Pearl Statement Necklace  DIY Pearl Statement Necklacesource

Boho-Chic Pearl EarringsBoho-Chic Pearl Earringssource

DIY Fashion Braclet  diy-giant-pearl-bracelet-source

DIY Ringdiy ringsource


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