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Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas


Halloween is one of the most amazing and unusual holidays, when people dress up as representatives of other worlds, as fairy-tale, magical characters and try to make maximum impressions with an unusual and sometimes frightening look. A special place in the preparation is occupied by Halloween makeup, thanks to which on the night of October 31 to November 1, at any party you can meet charming witches, angels, Cheshire cats, and sometimes terrible zombies, Voodoo dolls and other frightening characters.

Cat Makeup Ideas for Halloween

This look is classic, very beautiful and not as intimidating as many traditional Halloween ideas. For it, you will need face painting or plain gouache. You can use ordinary cosmetics like black eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara – this is quite enough. The most important thing is to stock up with ears that are suitable for you and a choker that will complement your Halloween look. By the way, in this form, you can well play the famous cat woman. Only the costume will be left to get.

halloween makeup catsource

halloween makeup cat


Halloween Makeup: Fabulous Unicorns

It is simply impossible to do without these cute mythical creatures. Do you adore unicorns? Then on Halloween you can reincarnate and create an unforgettable and sexy look. Bright colors, sparkles and mother of pearl in combination with dyed hair and a magic horn will allow you to change and feel in a real fairy tale. Each Halloween makeup, photos of which you see below is unique and accessible in its own way.

unicorn makeupsource



Hundreds of books have been written about this character and dozens of films have been shot. Many people are seriously afraid of the zombie apocalypse. Indeed, what could be worse than a revived, decaying corpse?

zombie halloween makeupsource

zombie halloween makeup source

Pumpkin Makeup Ideas

Halloween has a popular symbol – Jack pumpkin, the king of the holiday, a monster stealing naughty kids. You can make up for his female version and get the most admiring glances at any party, without making much effort.


Vampire Makeup Ideas

These ladies love to walk at night. But it’s better not to meet them. After all, their bloody kiss is deadly. By the way, if you decide to go to a party in the guise of a ghoul, stay away from aspen stakes. So, just in case. Not a single Halloween is without vampires and werewolves. If you want to become a sexual vampire for the evening, arm yourself with a red cosmetic pencil and false fangs.


vampire makeup ideassource

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