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Christmas Glam Makeup Ideas


Christmas and a series of corporate events are approaching. And, sorry, every girl strives to be the most beautiful on this holiday of life. Not for anyone not a secret, that nothing does not adorn a girl, like a proper hairstyle and makeup. In this already horizon we stay on the correct Christmas glam makeup.

Beautiful makeup in a fashionable version is able to transform any appearance, add luxury to the image, and emphasize the desired facial features, creating an emphasis on lips or eyes.


christmas glam makeup


A very important element in any type of make-up, including Christmas glam makeup, is the right tone and foundation for makeup, which will ensure the freshness and flawlessness of your face. The master can give the skin radiance or, on the contrary, make it matte and velvety – everything will depend on the type of makeup that you prefer to choose for the Christmas.

christmas makeup tutorialsource

christmas makeup tutorial source

Trending makeup with golden eye shadows. If you like false eyelashes, then on their tips you can apply a small amount of gold sparkles. Girls with blue eyes are suitable for bronze shades of shadows. For green eyes, soft pink or peach shades with a slight flicker and metallic effect are suitable. Girls with brown eyes can use both gold and silver shades with a cold undertone.

christmas makeup with golden eye shadowssource


The abundance of saturated shades of shadows to create a fashionable Christmas makeup is so huge that to dwell on one single shade. Cobalt blue, emerald, ocher, scarlet, rich pink, gold, purple and many more other colors will look incredibly beautiful in a bright Christmas make-up. And if earlier bright shades were complemented by a neutral shade on the lips, then the trendy bright Christmas make-up can be supplemented with no less spectacular lipstick or gloss.

makeup lookssource

makeup looks source



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