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Best 5 Spring Wedding Colors


Always follow the fashion and want your wedding to be in line with the latest trends too? Looking for a new and exciting palette for your special day? Then our article will definitely be useful to you. In it, we will tell you what spring wedding colors will be popular and with what shades they are best combined.

1.Classic Blue

The New Year has come, and with it new fashion trends. The Pantone Institute called classic blue the main color – deep and calm, but at the same time quite bright and saturated. This color has long been considered royal.

spring wedding ideas 2020 classic blue



2. Pink shades for wedding 

In 2020, the trend is such pink shades as:

Pale pink (powdery).
Soft pink (powdery) will be not only a good choice for wedding dresses, but also a wonderful color scheme for a wedding hall.

Juicy watermelon will allow you to organize a bright celebration, filled with energy and positive.

Among the color combinations, it is worth highlighting the following: Soft pink + gray or light green. Pale pink + olive or pistachio. Watermelon + bright yellow + white. Light pink + color of sea foam + beige.

pantone 2020 pink weddingsource


3. Lavender Spring Wedding Colors 

Lilac-ashen – the most neutral and romantic shade from the “family” of gray. It does not cause gloom at all; on the contrary, it looks noble and elegant. This color does not oblige a certain style of wedding: it can be solemn classics, and Provence, and various thematic ceremonies. Like any base color, lilac gray goes well with many others.

lavender spring wedding colors 2020source


4. Spring Wedding Colors Marsala

In the upcoming wedding season, one of the most popular shades for decorating celebrations is the color of Marsala. It is not the first year that it has held a leading position, which is quite natural: a ceremony in this color at any time of the year looks luxurious and noble. The name amazing red hue with a light brown tint received in honor of dessert wine, originally from Sicily. Making a wedding in the color of Marsala, they use various shades: burgundy, cherry, pomegranate or wine. A distinctive feature of the color of Marsala is that it changes its appearance surrounded by other shades. For a summer wedding, it is combined with green shades, powdery and azure. For the autumn celebration choose an elegant warm combination: Marsala with orange, purple, terracotta, blue, peach or plum. For any season, a rich combination of Marsala with gold is suitable.

marsala spring wedding color ideassource

marsala spring wedding color ideas source

5. Orange Peel Spring Wedding Colors 2020

The next rich, catchy and mouth-watering color is “Orange Peel”. The clockwork, soft and at the same time magical Orange Peel will set a good mood for your wedding.

Orange Peel Spring Wedding Colors


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