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20 Amazing Short Hairstyles With Bangs


Not all of us can pull of a centre or side part as elegantly as other can. Bangs are an essential style statement that looks amazing on those who get it right. This trending look works especially well on short hair, giving incredible volume and texture to a look that could fall flat otherwise. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get your hair chopped into one of these amazing new looks.

1. Sweeping Side Bangs

Sweeping Side BangSweeping Side Bang/via

Nothing says intense quite like side bangs like this!

2. Razor Cut Bangs

Razor Cut BangsRazor Cut Bangs/via

Rough and edgy, these razor cut bangs are definitely chic.

3. Blunt Cut

Blunt CutBlunt Cut/via

A more provocative look, blunt bangs certainly don’t work on everyone.

4. Thin Side Bangs

Thin Side BangsThin Side Bangs/via

Instead of promoting volume, your bangs can also help you remove volume, as seen in this cut.

5. Long Bangs

Long BangsLong Bangs/via

These long bangs are gorgeous with a sense of mystery.

6. Thick Half Bangs

Thick Half BangsThick Half Bangs/via

For a less intense version of blunt bangs, give this look a try.

7. Sexy Side Bangs

Sexy Side BangsSexy Side Bangs/via

But, our girl shows us that side bangs are also an excellent choice.

8. Wavy Bangs

Wavy BangsWavy Bangs/via

Quit straightening your bangs to achieve this radical surfer flow look.

9. Perfect Side Bangs

Perfect Side BangsPerfect Side Bangs/via

Perfection at it’s core, Emma Stone shows off the quintessential side bang look.

10. Subtle Bangs

Subtle BangsSubtle Bangs/via

Bangs don’t always need to be “in your face,” so to speak. This subtle look proves they are elegant in simple way.

11. Cute Bangs

Cute BangsCute Bangs/via

Cute and a little messy, this is a great look to try.

12. Blunt Bangs

Blunt BangsBlunt Bangs/via

Traditional blunt bangs can look amazing on the right look.

13. Messy Swept Bangs

Messy Swept BangsMessy Swept Bangs/via

Swept bangs are what it is all about.

14. Short Fringe

Short FringeShort Fringe/via

Cute and simple, this look is perfect for anyone looking for simplicity.

15. Very Long Bangs

Very Long BangsVery Long Bangs/via

Rihanna rocks this look with long sweeping bangs.

16. Rough Bangs

Rough BangsRough Bangs/via

Layered bangs will add a texture to your look that a non-layered look can’t.

17. Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept BangsSide Swept Bangs/via

Glamorous and easy, this look is truly wind swept.

18. Messy Fringe

Messy FringeMessy Fringe/via

Get messy with a chic look such as this one!

19. Blunt and Swept

Blunt and SweptBlunt and Swept/via

This blunt sweep demonstrates the versatility of bangs.

20. Long Blunt Bangs

Long Blunt BangsLong Blunt Bangs/via

So, go get bangs and rock them when you do.

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