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100 Amazing and Easy Nail Designs


These cute and easy nail designs are for the person that doesn’t have so much time to spend on a detailed, complex manicure. Most of the ideas in this gallery that we’ve put together can be mastered in just two steps! Your nails will be the talk of the town, and you’ll smile and feel proud because you know they took no effort at all to paint on. They’re so easy to do that you could be reading this half an hour before an event, and you’ll still have time to perfect these easy nail art designs! If you’re always on-the-go and busy, but still want cool and easy nails, this page is for you.

Quick One Color Nails

Just grab a bottle of nail polish, swipe on the color, and go! If you know you need to dress up your nails a bit, but don’t have more than fifteen minutes to wait and do so, these easy cute nail designs are your quickest way out the door.

Easy nail designs with white nail polishSource Easy white nail artSource Good easy nailsSource Easy purple nail artSource Easy red nailsSource Easy blue nailsSource Easy orange nail artSource Easy orange nailsSource Easy green nail artSource

This easy blue manicure uses two different shades of blue for a very understated sophisticated effect.

Easy blue manicureSource

Moon and French Tip Nails

These easy nail art designs are spins on the classic French manicure and moon manicure (painting the base of your nail a different color, in the shape of a half moon, instead of the tip). They’re colorful versions of both styles, and most of them are easy two color looks that are quick to accomplish!

Let’s start with versions of the classic French tip.

Easy french tip manicureSource Easy two color nail artSource Easy and nice nail designsSource Cool and easy manicureSource

Here are colorful, cute, and easy moon tip nails!

Black and white easy nail designsSource Amazing easy nailsSource Easy to make nailsSource Pictures of easy nail designsSource Easy white nail designsSource Easy and quick nail artSource Fast and easy nail artSource Easy to do nail designsSource Easy black nail artSource

Striped Nails

Stripes always give such a clean and chic boost to any outfit. Here are some cool and easy ideas for striped nails that won’t give you any stress or hassle.

You don’t always need to cover your whole nail in stripes. For a classy look, make use of negative space and use your stripes sparingly, like in these easy nail designs.

Pretty easy manicureSource Really easy nail artSource Easy two color nail designsSource Very easy nailsSource Easy manicure with tapeSource Easy nail art for short nailsSource Easy nail art with nail polishSource

Vertical stripes make your nails look longer!

Cute easy nail designsSource Cool easy nailsSource Colorful easy nailsSource

Here are horizontal thin stripe ideas.

Easy manicureSource Easy nail artSource Ideas for easy nail designsSource

If you’re feeling extremely patriotic, try these United States of America-inspired easy nails! Perfect for the Fourth of July, don’t you think?

Easy design for short nailsSource

Stripes can be painted in swirls for a whimsical effect, like on these easy nails.

Striped easy nail artSource

Polka Dot Nails

Polka dots are super easy to paint on! Just take your bottle of nail polish and swipe that on first, then use a toothpick or other small pointed tool to dot your fingernails to perfection. Here are easy nail designs to use as inspiration if you want to rock fun and youthful polka dots.

Awesome easy manicureSource Nice easy nail artSource Fast and easy nail designsSource Easy but pretty nail artSource Pics of easy nail designsSource

You can even use polka dots a bit sparingly to get a classier, understated sort of look, as in these ideas.

Fun easy nail designsSource Easiest nail artSource Easy black easy nail designsSource Easy nail art at homeSource Easy nail designs for beginnersSource Simple and easy nail artSource Easy nail designs with fingernailSource

Gradients and Glitter

Create cool and easy nail effects by using glitter to add some sparkle and shine to your nails, or expertly blending two or more colors to create a gradient or ombre effect. Use the following pictures for ideas and inspiration!

Glam it up with some glitter, sparkle, and shine.

Easy pink manicureSource Easy and good nail designsSource Easy nail designs to do yourselfSource Gel easy nail designsSource Easy nail art without toolsSource

Silver always looks better with a little shimmer! Such a simple and easy way to add a bit of punch to any manicure.

Easy silver nail designsSource Easy gold manicureSource Silver easy nail designsSource

A little glitter goes a long way with these ideas.

Easy glitter nail artSource Easy nail designs for long nailsSource Gold easy manicureSource Easy nail designs for long nailsSource

We’ve even got you covered for the holidays with these two sparkly easy nail designs.

Easy christmas manicureSource Easy christmas nail artSource

Rhinestones are another way to get your nails to sparkle.

Easy black nailsSource

Gradient nails are easy nails to paint on, but they make you look like such an artist!

Unique easy nailsSource Green easy nailsSource Easy pink nailsSource

Easy to Do Patterns

Fun patterns don’t always need to be complicated and take all of your time. Here are some easy nail designs that use quick and easy patterning to get that cute look!

Easy but cool manicureSource Easy painting ideas for nailsSource 2 color easy nail designsSource Easy nail art with nail varnishSource Different easy nail designsSource Best easy nail artSource Easy yellow nail designsSource Easy yellow nail artSource Easy tribal nail designsSource

Here are some cute and easy nail designs inspired by bold and big shapes.

Easy blue nail designsSource Images of easy nail designsSource Nail patterns for easy nail designsSource New easy nail artSource

These ideas are inspired by easy tribal patterns.

Easy tribal nailsSource Easy creative manicureSource

These may look complicated, but they’re actually very easy nails. Simply paint your nails in one color, use thin strips of tape to cover up where you want the stripes to be, paint your nails in a second color, then remove the tape and voilà — you’ve got these amazing geometric patterns!

Easy nail designsSource Super easy nail artAppleMark Cute but easy manicureSource Quick and easy manicureSource Easy glitter manicureSource

This design is also easy to do. All you need is an artistic eye to randomly splatter black paint over easy white nails!

Black and white easy manicureSource

Easy Nail Designs Inspired by Nature

This next list is by far our favorite. These easy nail designs are inspired by nature — fruit, flowers, and trees! They’re fun, simple, and easy to do. They also look extremely cute and playful, don’t you think?

Here’s how a tutorial on how to paint the perfect watermelon nail at home!

Easy nail designs step by stepSource

And here are more watermelon-inspired ideas. They’re the perfect easy nail designs for a hot summer’s day when you want to be reminded of the refreshingly sweet fruit.

Easy summer nail artSource

Here’s a sweet and sophisticated nail design for Fall.

Easy fall nail designsSource

These nails are so cute and easy to do! They’ll bring a smile to anyone’s face whenever they see your manicure.

Easy nail designs for kidsSource

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without some floral inspired nails. They range from simple and fun to easy and elegant.

Easy flower nailsSource Easy hand painted nail artSource Easy spring manicureSource

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