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Wow Them With Our Top 35 Holographic Nail Polish Options


Holographic Nail Polish is all the rave.  That visual effect of shimmer that changes with every turn is hitting the high streets and shelves in great numbers.

Get trendy with our best holographic nail polish options.

No matter the color, no matter the shape, you can style it with holographic nail polish.  From devilish red to gothic black, from sparkly purple to shimmering green, we have it all in our super holographic range of polish.

Pink to Purple – Pretty and Powerful

Nothing says feminine like pink and when you add in a hologram effect, you are throwing perfect and powerful into the mix. Purple is the in color nowadays so do not be afraid of splashing out with this super versatile nuance.

Sparkle holographic nailsSource Pretty holographic nail polishSource Pics of holographic nail designsSource

A little shimmer and sparkly hue, will throw off the competitiors in no time. Add in some glitter and you’re styling it with the in crowd.

These images show you just how perfect purple and pink can be.

Ideas for holographic nailsSource Pink holographic nail artSource Best holographic nail polishSource Holographic nail artSource Most popular holographic nail polishSource

Add in a flower pattern to this holographic effect and you will have them bedazzled and intrigued.  Always a good talking point, so let your nail art lead the conversation.

Beautiful holographic nailsSource Purple holographic nail polishSource

We love this purple, pink and rainbow mix. So pretty and so cool. Its easy to see why holographic nail polish is fast becoming the new trend in fashion.

Pink holographic nail polishSource Cute holographic nail artSource

A little bit of a china glaze can make any nails pop. Beautiful and classy, we love this purple and blue hazy effect.

Dark and Sexy

Bewitch them with dark and wild holographic nails. They can be as black as black or as ominous blue as the night skies, whichever your fancy, make sure it is holographic and even better holographic glitter nail polish.

Black holographic nail polishSource Glitter holographic nail designsSource New holographic nail manicureSource Sparkly holographic nail polishSource Very simple holographic nail artSource

These dark green jade looking effects work with any outfit. Pair them with a white flowing dress or dark, skin-tight top. Very simple and sultry, green glitter holographic styles are pretty awesome.

More Green Goblins of Delight

Sparkly holographic nail polishSource

Gosh, we love this one! Tone it down a bit with this barely-there green hue of color that will have them guessing what color you are actually sporting on your nails.

Green holographic nail polishSource Cool holographic nailsSource

Cool and crisp, these metallic looking hologram effect nails simply reach out to you.

Holographic manicureSource Styles holographic nail polishSource

With design in mind, here are some more cool greens that can work with any of the latest fashion trends. Join the color club and try out a shimmery or matte finish green today.

Sparkle upon Sparkle

Glitterati yourself into any party just by flashing those talons. Glitter adds that something extra to any manicure. Be sure to try out these amazing styles.

Manicure with hologram effectSource Easy holographic nail polishSource Silver holographic nailsSource

Blue by Day or Night

Blue is a color that few women try on their nails, but oh wow, do we love these holographic pics. Sparkly and cute, you can’t go wrong with blue.

Images of holographic nail polishSource Pictures of holographic nail artSource Fashion holographic nail designsSource 3d holographic nail designsSource

Hues of Firey Red and Orange

Make a statement with holographic nail polish in red or orange. Pretty in summer and warm in winter. Simply delicious!

Photos of holographic nail polishSource Holographic nails with designSource Red holographic nail artSource

This burgundy glitter style just is so amazing and edging towards being the most popular blend to date.

A Little Mix Up

For our last but definitely not least styles, we mix it up a little.

Perfect holographic nail artSource

French design with a twist, these stripey designs in white and silver give a certain pizazz to the nails.

Classy holographic nail polishSource Gold and silver holographic nailsSource

Gold and silver together are awesome! Try this sparkly gold and silver glitter polish with that hologram effect.

The shaded design of black to grey to silver tips are mesmerizing!

Try them out today!


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