Are Denim Vests Still In Style?

Absolutely! Denim vests have made a come-back since quite a long time and are super trendy currently. It’s amazing how one small piece of clothing as such can complement almost everything.

A denim vest can be a nice upgrade to a simple black dress.

Even a long dress goes perfectly with a vest.

Whites and denims are best friends for life.

If you need a little extra cover-up with your cotton off-shoulder dresses, denim vests are just right.

Other than the classic blacks and whites, these vests are surprisingly complementary with vibrant colors too, no matter how dissimilar they might appear to be. For instance, take this red maxi dress.

Or this green one! Who would’ve thought green could go so well with the denim blue?

Printed outfits match just as well. The list is endless really.

Moreover, apart from dresses, denim vests look pretty cool with tops and short skirts.

You could pair a mini or A-line skirt with a matching top and tie up the look with a faded denim vest.

How about denim vests with pants?

Without the vest, this attire would be rather plain. The denim adds just the right amount of edge.

White Denim Vest Ideas

Although white denims are not as versatile as blue denims, they can still accessorize several looks.

Ripped Denim Vests Styles

Ripped denim vests usually give off even more casual vibes than the normal ones. These vests might not be opted by everyone and tend to have a smaller set of users. Plus, the variation of styles using ripped vests is rather limited.

These old-school, oversized and ripped denim vests would help you get that rebellious look, which you could brush up a little with the right pumps, eye-wears or purses.

What To Wear With Denim Vests In Summer

Rompers are summer basics for almost everyone. And denim vests look fantastic with them.

Synthetic floral dresses are another staple item owned by many. No matter what the design or print, summer dresses fit hand in hand with denim vests.

The only one type of clothing that denim vests repel is another denim, to be honest. Too much denim just doesn’t seem right. But if you absolutely HAVE to go with two or more denim items, we suggest you consider a light shaded top with darker bottoms.

Such vests look amazing with all – skirts, dresses, pants – and the best part is that denim can bridge the look between completely incompatible items. So you don’t have to sweat too much about matching the colors and fabrics. When you are somewhat tired of those typical feminine looks and are looking for that additional oomph, denim vests are what you need.