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Top Bun and Bang Hairstyle To Score #hairgoals


Buns and top knots never go out of fashion. You don’t like your hair to mess around when you are busy doing something so you tie them up. Here I have three of the best casual buns and bangs hair updos. They are easy cute buns for long hair that require minimal effort.

A casual top knot with the heavy one sided bang looks great. It is easy to make; it does not require much effort. You can go for this look if you find open hair hard to maintain. It looks casual yet super stylish and chic. This particular messy bun hairstyles makes your face look petite and makes your collar bones more prominent.

Top bun and bangs

The round high bun is my personal favorite look. You can make it casual as well as formal, it all depends on you that how you style it. It looks better than amazing. You can pair up some amazing ear studs with this high bun look. The bangs on the front make the complete look even better.


This is another amazing hair bun with fringes like bangs at the front. It looks gorgeous, and with the perfect contour, it will make you look hotter than ever before! It is simple and stylish. I call it casual chic. You even try this hair look for birthdays, bridal showers and other night parties.


So you need a bun for some daytime event? Or a nice bun for a wedding of a close relative? This is a perfect hair look you can have. It is a low bun, totally perfect for weddings, birthdays and events similar to that. It will add a lot of elegance to your complete look. No matter how old are you, you can rely on this hair updo. It is very trendy yet equally sophisticated. I am sure you will love it too.

There some more for you here!

Have a look! 🙂





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