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Top 80 Eye-Catching Cheetah Nail Designs


Let your wild side shine with these cheetah nail designs! Some may say they’re a bit overdone and dramatic, but who cares? Sometimes, you just need an especially fun pattern that’s playful, sexy, and familiar, right? We think so too! Cheetah print nail designs are perfect for occasions like those. They’re pretty, sexy, and youthful. You can use them as a supplement to round out any outfit, or have them stand out on their own! Here’s a gallery of the most popular eighty cheetah nail designs on the Internet for the next time you need a manicure that’s both cute and wild at the same time!

Black and brown are the classic color combination for cheetah nail designs

Stick to the traditional and natural color scheme of actual cheetahs in the wild and go with the black and brown color combination. Here are different takes on classic colors. As you can see, you can go with a very minimalist look, or add swirls and accent nail colors for a more sophisticated and elegant look.

Pictures of cheetah nail artSource Gold cheetah nailsSource Gel cheetah nailsSource Leopard nail artSource Cool cheetah nailsSource Easy cheetah nailsSource New cheetah nailsSource Images of cheetah nailsSource Cheetah nails designsSource Classy cheetah nail artSource Black and white cheetah nail designSource White cheetah nailsSource Pretty cheetah nail designSource Pictures of cheetah nail artSource Best cheetah nail artSource Fashion cheetah nailsSource Most popular cheetah nail designSource Latest cheetah nailsSource Black cheetah nailSource

Pink is always a fun, fierce, and feisty color!

Whether you go with a light and pastel pink or neon hot pink, pink is always cute and playful, especially paired with cheetah nail designs! For a feminine look that can go bold or soft, go with a cheetah nail design tinged with pink.

Hot pink cheetah nailsSource Pink and white cheetah nail artSource Cheetah and zebra cheetah nail designSource Diy cheetah nailsSource Photos of cheetah nailsSource Cheetah nail artSource Most popular cheetah nail designSource Trendy cheetah nailsSource Diy cheetah nailsSource Pink cheetah nailsSource Easy cheetah nail artSource Ideas for cheetah nail designSource Cheetah manicureSource Styles cheetah nail designSource

Red is sexy and seductive

Need an especially hot and wild look? Splash on some bright and bold red polish onto your cheetah print nail design. You’ll be dripping in seduction with this pattern and color combination. Candy apple red + cheetah nail designs = hot hot hot!

Fashion cheetah nail artSource Perfect cheetah nail designSource Red cheetah nailsSource

For a unique look, go with blue, purple, and green cheetah print nail designs

Everyone has seen red and pink paired with cheetah print. However, a more unique look involves blue, purple, green, or a combination of all three of those colors, as you’ll see in the manicures below! These looks are so fresh, trendy, and bright – we can almost guarantee you that no one else in the room will be flaunting the same amazing cheetah print nail designs!

Cute cheetah nail artSource Acrylic cheetah nailsSource Purple cheetah nail designSource Glitter cheetah nail artSource Ideas for cheetah nailsSource Cheetah manicureSource Styles cheetah nailsSource Best cheetah nailsSource French cheetah nailsSource Cute cheetah nail artSource Images of cheetah nailsSource Pics of cheetah nail designSource Blue cheetah nail designSource Cheetah nail artSource

Here’s a neon green cheetah nail design that’s so bright, it’s almost yellow!

Cheetah designs for nailsSource

The colorful, rainbow palette is playful and fun!

You don’t need to be decisive when it comes with colors and cheetah print nail designs. You can go with a colorful rainbow palette instead! Here are some pictures for inspiration. The rainbow scheme can be used as a background or to fill in the cheetah print. Or, as you’ll see in the last photo, for an extremely trendy and edgy look, you can paint half of your fingernails in colorful blocks and the other half in cheetah print!

Cheetah nail designsSource Cheetah print nail designsSource Nails with cheetah designsSource Rainbow cheetah nailsSource Pics of cheetah nail designSource Latest cheetah nailsSource Tips cheetah nailsSource Photos of cheetah nail designSource Colorful cheetah nail designSource Beautiful cheetah nail artSource

Glitter and rhinestones will kick your cheetah nail designs up a notch

Whenever you need to add some sass and glam to your cheetah print nail designs, add some sparkle and shimmer with glitter and rhinestone details! What woman doesn’t love a bit of sparkly shine?

Very simple cheetah nail artSource Sparkly cheetah nail designSource Nails with cheetah printSource Animal print cheetah nail designSource Cheetah print nail designSource Cheetah nails with designSource Perfect cheetah nail designSource Beautiful cheetah nail artSource Amazing cheetah nail designSource Cool cheetah nail artSource Sparkly cheetah nailsSource Very simple cheetah nail designSource New cheetah nail designSource Classy cheetah nailsSource

Mix cheetah and zebra print for an extra wild look!

Cheetah nail designs alone are sometimes not wild enough. For times like these, mix cheetah and zebra prints together! You may think this may be a bit too busy and complicated to do, but you’ll see in the manicure below that this is an amazing combo.

Awesome cheetah nail artSource


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