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Top 55 Wonderful Oval Shaped Nails


Do you need a nail shape that is both soft and a bit dramatic? A nail shape that is versatile and can be worn with both long and short nails? A nail shape that is a favorite among many actresses and celebrities? Well, we’ve got the perfect shape for you – the oval nail shape! It produces a very elegant, sophisticated, and lovely look for special occasions or simple everyday wear!

One of the biggest advantages of the oval nail shape is that it produces the elongation effect. If you think you have short, chubby, or stubby fingers, this nail shape, with its long sides and round tip, will help your nails look more slender. Here is a gallery of 55 great ideas for when you want to sport oh so classy oval-shaped nails.

For understated sophistication, keep your oval-shaped nails very natural

For a very sleek and sophisticated look that is not overdone or overdramatic, keep your nails natural with pale, natural, or clear polish. These looks are extremely versatile! They’re sophisticated enough to be worn out to a nice dinner but also understated enough to wear to the office or to professional events.

Oval shaped nailsSource Almond shaped nail artSource Acrylic oval shaped nail designsSource Simple oval shaped nailsSource Oval nail shapeSource White oval shaped nail artSource Oval shaped nail designsSource Latest oval shaped nailsSource Short oval shaped nailsSource Fake oval shaped nailsSource

You really can’t go wrong with the classic French tip! Yes, the traditional French manicure looks great on oval shaped nails, wouldn’t you agree?

Oval french tip manicureSource Best oval shaped nailsSource

This clear and natural look, with a sprinkle of pretty details is so elegant. It’s perfect for a wedding or prom night!

Cute oval shaped nailsSource

Don’t be afraid to keep your manicure very simple!

Sometimes, you don’t have the time for very fancy designs or intricate patterns. If that’s the case, no worries! Find the right shade of polish and your simple nails can still do a great job at standing out of the crowd. Why not choose some deep or metallic hues as in some examples below?

Oval shaped stiletto nailsSource Round shaped nail artSource Small oval shaped nailsSource Manicure for oval nailsSource Gel oval shaped nailsSource Oval shaped nail artSource Most popular oval shaped nail artSource Classy oval shaped nail designsSource Trendy oval shaped nailsSource Pretty oval shaped nailsSource Trendy oval shaped nailsSource

This simple manicure uses natural nail polish with a blank accent nail and minimalist black dot for a very modern and easy look.

Oval shaped nail artSource

Here’s an extremely royal look that is also quick and simple to pull off! Simply choose a deep red hue and include some bold gold nail decals!

Perfect oval shaped nail designsSource

For a feminine look, try these pretty and girly nails, inspired by nature

If you need your oval shaped nails to soften up your entire outfit, why not turn to nature for inspiration? The following manicures use floral designs and animal print to produce pretty, cute, and colorful effects.

Oval shaped nails with designSource Oval shaped acrylic nailsSource Fashion oval shaped nailsSource Latest oval shaped nail artSource Cute oval shaped nailsSource Oval shaped manicureSource Most popular oval shaped nail artSource

Here’s a stunning look that incorporates snowflakes and candy apple red paint. It’s perfect for the holiday and Christmas season!

Best oval shaped nailsSource

Here are the classic French tip and moon tip with modern twists!

Who says that traditional looks can’t be made modern sometimes? Everyone knows that the French tip is classy and sophisticated, but here it’s made modern and chic!

Ideas for oval shaped nail designsSource Beautiful oval shaped nailsSource French oval shaped manicureSource Best oval shaped naildesignsSource Ideas for oval shaped nail designsSource French oval shaped manicureSource

The moon tip is like the French manicure, except the base of the nail is painted instead of the tip. Normally, it would be painted in white, but in these examples, the moon tip is given quite a face lift!

White oval shaped nail artSource Black oval shaped nail artSource

Exude strength and boldness with these tribal print looks

Here are oval shaped nails that incorporate tribal inspired designs. The clean edges and straight lines produce a very strong and unique look.

Cute oval shaped nail artSource Best oval shaped nail designsSource

These black patterns are very modern

Black is bold and beautiful, every time. The first black patterns below is extremely easy to perfect – simply use a nude or another color of polish and black felt tip marker to paint on the intricate details! The last pattern takes a bit more work, but its combination of mod designs and metallic polish will give your manicure a very futuristic vibe.

Oval shaped manicureSource Styles oval shaped nailsSource Styles oval shaped nailsSource Oval shaped nails with designSource

Glam it up with glitter and rhinestones!

If you want your oval shaped nails to make a dramatic entrance, feel free to use all the shimmer and shine you want! Sparkly nails with rhinestone accents or glitter polish always make quite a statement.

Pretty oval shaped nailsSource Oval shaped nails artSource Perfect oval shaped nail designsSource Fashion oval shaped nailsSource Beautiful oval shaped nailsSource Classy oval shaped nail designsSource Long oval shaped manicureSource

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