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Top 55 Spectacular Purple Acrylic Nails


Purple is a mixture of fierce, bold red and calm, serene blue. It’s a color commonly linked to royalty, luxury, power, and ambition. It also can be quite a mysterious and unique color! If any of these words are relevant to you, you should definitely flaunt some purple acrylic nails.

We’ve put together the top 55 purple acrylic nail designs from all type of sources and fashion blogs for you to use as inspiration for your next pretty purple manicure. If you’re in need of a manicure to make you feel strong, powerful, luxurious, and royal, you’ve come to the right place!

Purple acrylic nails can be quick and easy!

Who said acrylic nails need to take forever to paint? These purple acrylic nails are simple to perfect. Simply pick a cool shade of purple, swipe it on your nails, and you’ll be on your way to conquering the rest of your day. From light purple to dark purple, matte finish to glossy finish, we’ve found a range of interesting and unique hues for your quick and easy look.

Light purple acrylic nailsSource Pretty purple acrylic nail artSource Easy purple acrylic nailsSource Cool purple acrylic nailsSource Long purple acrylic nailsSource Latest purple acrylic nail artSource Neon purple acrylic nailsSource Trendy purple acrylic nailsSource Easy purple acrylic nail artSource Best purple acrylic nailsSource Most popular purple acrylic nailsSource Dark purple acrylic nail artSource Short purple acrylic nail artSource Purple acrylic pointy nailsSource Purple acrylic manicureSource

These metallic looks may look complicated to perfect because of their shine, but they are quite simple – one just has to find the right shade of metallic purple polish!

Purple acrylic nail artSource Styles purple acrylic nailsSource

Expertly blend purple with other colors for an ombre effect

Ombre manicures (blending different colors, shades, and hues for a lovely gradient effect) are definitely on trend. Purple acrylic nails can be made to sport the ombre effect as well. Here we have different shades of purple, black and purple, and purple and white blended together to produce a beautiful effect!

Purple acrylic nails designsSource Acrylic purple nailsSource Classy purple acrylic nailsSource Cute purple acrylic nailsSource Cool purple acrylic manicureSource

Here’s a hot red-purple ombre look for when you’re feeling extra fierce and feisty.

Red and purple acrylic nailsSource

For a fun and whimsical look, here’s a purple and blue ombre manicure with sparkly gold flakes!

Purple and blue acrylic manicureSource

Here are some simple and bold patterns for your purple acrylic nails

Spice up your purple acrylic nails a bit by painting on some bold patterns. Who doesn’t enjoy polka dots and stripes? Another manicure trend uses triangles and points to produce a modern design. For clean lines, be sure to use some nail tape or Scotch tape in between your coats of polish to get the neatest edges!

Fashion purple acrylic nail artSource Pics of purple acrylic nailsSource Photos of purple acrylic nail artSource Very simple purple acrylic nailsSource New purple acrylic nailsSource Purple acrylic stiletto nailsSource Purple acrylic nailsSource Pretty purple acrylic nailsSource Fake purple acrylic nail designsSource Cheetah purple acrylic nailsSource

Got more time on your hands? Try these more intricate patterns

These intricate designs are really pretty to look at, don’t you think? Taking some inspiration from nature always results in beautiful, elegant manicures, and these purple acrylic nails are no different! Lose yourself in the swirls and creative artistry of these floral and plant-inspired prints!

Purple acrylic nail designsSource Purple acrylic nails with designSource Black and purple acrylic nailsSource Ideas for purple acrylic nailsSource Perfect purple acrylic nailsSource Beautiful purple acrylic manicureSource

Here are more abstract designs for your purple acrylic nails. They’re a mixture of lovely flourishes and bolder, clean, modern art and tribal pattern inspired designs.

Purple acrylic nails for promSource Trendy purple acrylic nailsSource Purple and white acrylic nail artSource Images of purple acrylic nail artSource Purple acrylic nail tipsSource Amazing purple acrylic nail artSource

Glitter always makes purple acrylic nails twice as royal and dramatic!

If you need to kick the “glam level” up a notch, don’t ever be afraid to use glitter! These sparkly looks are perfect for the woman who really wants to make an entrance to a party or event. Whether you use a tiny bit of glitter to put a fun spin on the classic French tip, for example, or really pack on the shimmer, rhinestones, and pearls for maximum dramatic effect, as in the last picture of purple acrylic nails, adding texture and sparkle to any manicure is always a fun thing to do!

French purple acrylic manicureSource Purple acrylic nails with rhinestoneSource Acrylic nails with purple designSource Hot purple acrylic nail designsSource Amazing purple acrylic nail artSource Awesome purple acrylic manicureSource Glitter purple acrylic nail designsSource Awesome purple acrylic nailsSource Classy purple acrylic nail designsSource Cute purple acrylic manicureSource Sparkly purple acrylic nail designsSource Pictures of purple acrylic nailsSource

Here’s an especially royal purple acrylic nails manicure using bright royal purple shimmery polish with silver and black glitter. To top off the regal look is a large rhinestone! It’s a manicure truly fit for a queen.

Purple and gold acrylic nailsSource


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