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Top 50 ideas of light blue nail designes


Light blue nails are understated elegance. They show that you have class and sophistication, while not being too “over the top flashy.” If you’re looking for ways to work pale blue you’re your overall look, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a collection of the best pictures featuring light blue nail polish for you to draw inspiration from!

Easy and Classic Light Blue Nail Art

The following looks are very simple, for when you need a bit of flair but don’t have the time for complex designs. Whether your nails are plain, gel, or acrylic, these designs are plain, but also still very pretty!

Here are some pale blue inspirations, starting with longer nails then moving to designs for short nails.

Cool light blue nailsSource Perfect light blue nail artSource Acrylic light blue nail artSource Very simple light blue nail artSource Pale light blue nail artSource Pointy light blue nailsSource Images of light blue nail artSource Pics of light blue nail artSource Best light blue nail artSource

The next photo is a light blue matte design, if you want a bit of texture!

Light blue nail art for short nailsSource

Here’s some periwinkle inspiration for you.

Light blue nail art for long nails Source Pastel light blue nail artSource

If you like blue nail polish that’s a bit deeper, these next few photos are best.

Photos of light blue nailsSource Sky blue nail designsSource Gel light blue nailsSource Light blue matte nail art Source

Turquoise pointed nails are on trend today!

Beautiful light blue nail artSource Fake light blue nailsSource

Sometimes, you can’t decide between this light blue nail polish and that light blue nail polish! So why not try them all, a different color for each nail?

Eeasy light blue nail designsSource

These next photos show light blue nail art with an extra pinch of flair: a pretty accent nail!

Pictures of light blue nailsSource Light blue stiletto nailsSource Classy light blue nailsSource Light blue manicure with rhinestoneSource

Who says French manicures need to be white? Here’s a sky blue French manicure inspiration photo!

French light blue manicureSource

This crackle design seem complicated, but you just have to find the right light blue nail polish that will crackle for you! It’s very simple, really.

Crackle light blue nailsSource

Shimmery and Sparkly Design Inspirations

Take the classic pale blue or sky blue nail and turn and put a shiny spin on it! Don’t be afraid to experiment with glitter for an easy extra bit of glamour.

Light blue manicureSource Tip light blue nailsSource Fashion light blue nail designsSource Light blue nail art for promSource Light blue nail art with glitterSource Sparkly light blue nail artSource

You don’t need to add sparkle to all of your nails! These light blue nail designs pack enough “wow” punch with just one, or a few, glitter accent nails.

Mint light blue nail polishSource Silver blue nail artSource Cute light blue nail artSource

Ombre Light Blue Nails

Pale blue, sky blue, silver blue: if you can’t decide between different shades of light blue, why not choose them all? Simply blend them together for a smooth, cool ombre (gradient) look!

Let’s start off with a cute baby blue and pink look.

Baby blue and pink nail artSource

Here is some royal blue and light blue nail art.

Light blue ombre nailsSource

This ombre nail design is so subtle, you can barely see the transition between white and light blue!

Pretty light blue nail designsSource

Light Blue Nail Art Pattern Play

These beautiful designs and patterns will really make heads turn. If you have a bit of extra time, play with some patterns! From simple stripes and polka dots, to more intricate nail art that are like mini masterpieces, these would truly put a more personal touch on your next manicure.

Experiment with stripes and polka dots!

Most popular light blue nailsSource Striped light blue nail artSource White and light blue nails Source Polka dot light blue nail artSource

Treat your nails like presents and be sure to tie them up with a pretty bow!

Styles light blue nailsSource Light blue varnishSource

Who says every light blue nail needs to have the same pattern? Mix it up a bit.

Light blue nail art with disignSource Cool light blue manicureSource New light blue nail designsSource

Here are some turquoise blue zebra nails, for when you want to bring out your wild side!

Zebra light blue nail artSource

This light blue nail design is perfect for when the weather gets a bit chillier.

Latest light blue nail designsSource

This cherry blossom design is probably the prettiest and daintiest of all!

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