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Top 45 Luxury Almond Shaped Nails


Almond shaped nails are a cross between the round and oval nail shape and the pointy stiletto nail shape. The almond nail shape gives your manicure the best of both worlds – soft elegance and pointy drama. Because of this combination, you can wear this type of manicure everywhere, from your professional world to glamorous nights out on the town.

Almond shaped nails also elongate your fingers to give your hands a slender look if you’re concerned about having shorter or stubbier fingers! While this nail shape can be worn on short nails, as you’ll see from our most popular 45 almond-shaped nail ideas below, for the most sophisticated and elegant effect, this nail shape should be used on long nails. We hope these designs, from simple and cool to intricate and pretty, will help you find the perfect manicure for any outfit or occasion.

For a manicure you can wear anywhere, paint your almond shaped nails in natural, clear, or white polish

The looks below are truly versatile. They are far from overdone or too fancy. In fact, you can even say they’re understated sexy. Simplicity is sophisticated, wouldn’t you agree? These manicures show that you don’t have to be bold and colorful to have a very pretty manicure.

Simple almond shaped nail designsSource Fashion almond shaped nailsSource Almond shaped stiletto nailsSource Almond shaped acrylic nailsSource Amazing almond shaped nailsSource Long almond shaped nail designsSource Natural almond shaped nail artSource

Use light, pastel colors for a soft, girly look

These pale pink, blue, and purple shades will produce a very pretty manicure. Pair them with the almond nail shape, and you’ll be able to soften up any outfit. They’re perfect for daytime events, such as brunches or birthday lunches.

Almond shaped nailsSource Best almond shaped nail artSource Amazing almond shaped nailsSource Almond shaped nail art with designSource Best almond shaped nail artSource Almond shaped nail designsSource Short almond shaped nailsSource Fake almond shaped nailsSource

These neon colors will make your almond-shaped nails really pop!

For a fun and flirty look, use bright neon colors, like in the picture ideas below. They’re girly, playful, and extremely fun!

Almond shaped pointed nail designsSource Beautiful almond shaped nailsSource Classy almond shaped nail designsSource Latest almond shaped nailsSource

Deep colors and dark polishes are bold and strong

If you are an independent woman who knows what she wants in life, why not try a bold look on your almond shaped nails? Use rich, deep hues as in the pictures below to exude this strong feeling on your manicure. And, as everyone knows, black is one of the boldest colors out there!

Ideas for almond shaped nail artSource Trendy almond shaped nailsSource Trendy almond shaped nailsSource Cool almond shaped nailsSource

Try a French tip with a twist!

Who says you always have to stick to tradition? Certainly not us! The classic French manicure is made trendy and modern with these special designs and colors added to it.

Latest almond shaped nailsSource French almond shaped manicureSource French almond shaped manicureSource

Patterns and designs are always exciting and fun

Amp up the style and trendiness of your manicure with these almond-shaped nail designs! Here’s a truly mesmerizing and groovy design featuring a very intricate accent nail.

Oval shaped nailsSource

These sleek thin line designs is simple and easy! Here’s a hint: use nail tape between polish coats for the straightest and cleanest lines.

Almond shape nailsSource Best almond shaped nail designsSource

Channel your inner wild side with this cheetah-inspired print!

Most popular almond shaped nail artSource

Are you a baseball fan? If you are, you’ll really love these nails. Wear them to a game and you’re sure to have a crowd pleaser!

Fashion almond shaped nailsSource

These almond-shaped nails remind us of Easter eggs! The perfect blend of pastel hues and pretty white designs produce a mini work of art for your fingernails.

Classy almond shaped nail designsSource Cute almond shaped nailsSource

You can’t go wrong with glitter!

If you want a look that’s flashy and dramatic, you really can’t go wrong with sparkly almond shaped nails. Either use glitter polish or rhinestone accents to add texture and shimmer to your manicure! Your nails will be sure to steal the show using the following pictures as ideas and inspiration.

Almond shaped nail artSource Almond nail shapeSource Pretty almond shaped nail artSource Almond shaped manicureSource Styles almond shaped nailsSource Almond shaped nails with designSource Perfect almond shaped nail artSource Awesome almond shaped nail designsSource Best almond shaped nail artSource Perfect almond shaped nail designsSource Most popular almond shaped nail artSource Beautiful almond shaped nailsSource

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