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Top 45 Creative Nail Designs


Do you need pretty, cute, or cool nail art inspirations for your next gel or acrylic (or really, these can be used with regular polish coats and be just as lovely) manicure? Then look no further! Here are some of the most unique and creative nails on the Internet! From easy designs to more intricate patterns, you’ve got all the ideas you need right here to produce the most creative nails to wow any crowd. Enjoy!

Creative nails can be very simple and quick

If you don’t have time to waste on crazy complicated details and patterns, here are some easy creative nail designs! These cute ghosts aren’t scary at all. In fact, we guarantee they’ll put a smile on the face of everyone who sees your manicure.

Latest creative nail artSource

The classic French manicure is given a twist with this pleasant blue and purple color scheme!

French creative nail designSource

Here’s an easy geometric look with a cool contrasting color.

Cool creative nailsSource

These swirly and sparkly stripes are easy to perfect. Simply use some nail tape or plain Scotch tape between polish coats (be sure they are completely dry first!) to get the cleanest lines.

Pretty creative nailsSource

Wrap up your creative nails with a bow in this pretty glitter design!

Creative nail artSource

Contrastingly, here are some extremely intricate patterns!

Do you have a bit more time to spend on details and designs? Here are more complicated patterns that will really wow the crowd. These are true manicure masterpieces, wouldn’t you agree?

Creative nailsSource Creative art for short nailsSource Creative nail designSource Pictures of creative nailsSource Photos of creative nail artSource Ideas for creative nail designSource Classy creative nailsSource Trendy creative nailsSource Amazing creative nail artSource Creative nail design ideasSource

Pretty and pastel creative nails are perfect for daytime events or springtime functions

These lovely colors remind us of Easter eggs and springtime. If you’re going to a fancy picnic or a girls’ brunch, here are creative nails perfect for daytime soirees.

Easy creative nailsSource Fashion creative nailsSource Most popular creative nail artSource Beautiful creative nail designSource Latest creative nail artSource Awesome creative nailsSource

Don’t be afraid to be bold and modern with your creative nail designs!

These creative nails are chic and trendy. They’re perfect for the fashion-forward woman who thinks of herself as a trendsetter and isn’t afraid to take some bold risks! You’ll feel like you’re a walking modern art museum flaunting these lovely styles.

Easy creative nail designSource Sparkly creative nailsSource Very simple creative nail artSource New creative nailsSource Awesome creative nail designSource Acrylic creative nailsSource Images of creative nail designSource Trendy creative nailsSource Gel creative nail artSource

These creative nails are inspired by strong tribal prints

The clean geometric shapes and hard edges inspired by tribal prints make these creative nail designs truly one of a kind. You’ll feel so strong and bold sporting a manicure inspired by these photos.

Best creative nail artSource Creative nail designsSource Creative nails designSource

If you’re missing the ocean, these creative nail designs are for you!

You’ll swear you’ll just about be able to feel the misty sea breeze while wearing these creative nails. They’re all ocean-inspired and so serene, calm, and beautiful! Whether they’re depicting a tropical sunset and palm tree or reminiscent of lovely ocean colors, you’ll be able to glance down at whatever creative nail design you’re wearing and be whisked away on a mini-vacation – even if just for a moment!

Images of creative nail designSource Glitter creative nail artSource Pics of creative nailsSource Styles creative nailsSource Classy creative nailsSource

These creative nails are out of this world

If the ocean isn’t for you, you can get yourself stuck with your head in the stars with these creative nails! They blend dark hues and glitter to produce galaxy-like looks. You’ll never look at the Milky Way the same way again.

Nail polish creative nail designSource Cute creative nailsSource Creative manicureSource

Check out these styles if you’re a self-proclaimed foodie

We always love fun designs inspired by fruit and food! These creative nails are just so cute, fun, and playful. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love them. Even if you’re not a foodie, we guarantee they’ll still make you smile!

Creative nail artSource Creative nails with designSource Perfect creative nail designSource Amazing creative nail artSource

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