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Top 40 Unique Square Nails


For an edgy and unique look, square nails are the way to go! The square nail shape is self-explanatory – file your nails with perfectly shaped with ninety-degree angles and crisp, clean edges and corners. These manicure styles are bold and beautiful, and you’ll always make a statement with this nail shape!

While the shape works with both long and short nails, long square nails are sleeker and trendier. This is because the square shape may cause your fingers to look shorter and stubbier if you keep your nails short. No matter what, however, square nails will always be bold and beautiful! Here are the best 40 square nail manicures we’ve found on the Internet for when you need classy, fresh, and cool ideas for your next squared nails manicure.

Go with the classic French manicure, or spice it up just a bit!

The traditional French tip is so sophisticated and classy. In its original form, it’s versatile and lovely, but that doesn’t mean you can’t punch up its style a bit! Try adding some color, glitter, and interesting shapes for truly trendy twists on a classic.

French square manicureSource Cool square nail designsSource Ideas for square nailsSource French square manicureSource

Glam it up with glitter, rhinestones, and nail decals

If you want to go very dramatic with your square nails, don’t be afraid to experiment with a little glitter or texture for a cool, sparkly effect!  These square nails feature an accent nail to introduce a pop of shimmer into the manicure.

Square manicureSource Best square nailsSource Long square nailsSource Squared nailsSource Latest square nailsSource Square nail artSource Perfectly square shaped nail artSource

Instead of an accent nail, you can sprinkle glitter in a gradient effect over your square nails, or feature more than one sparkly fingernail, like in these fashion-forward ideas below. You may even want to consider using glitter to create a moon design (when the base of your fingernail is in a different color), as in the last picture in this section.

Styles square nailsSource Square nails with designSource Pretty square nail artSource

For the most drama and “wow factor” looks, go full glitter with your square nails!

Square nail artSource Short square acrylic nailsSource

Add rhinestones and decals for a great textured effect

Sparkly bits of diamonds, rhinestones, and other types of decals are another way to make your nails shimmer and shine! They also add a lot of drama to any square nail manicure.

Perfect square nail artSource Beautiful square nail artSource Squaoval manicureSource

This look isn’t shimmery, but it is textured beautifully, wouldn’t you agree?

Cute square nailsSource

Not enough time for lots of manicure work? Keep it simple!

These square nails are very simple and easy to perfect. Who doesn’t love sweet polka dots, zigzag designs, and clean, bold patterns? They’re fun, colorful, and whimsical!

Square nailsSource Trendy square nailsSource Gel square nail artSource Amazing square nailsSource

This design features swipes of polish for a very modern art feel.

Classy square manicureSource

You’ll feel like a manicure master with these intricate works of art on your square nails

Finally, to round out our collection, we have complicated, intricate patterns and designs that will make your square nail manicure the center of attention at any event. They’re perfect for outfits that aren’t as detailed or fancy so that the patterns have their deserved chance to shine.

Awesome square nailsSource Fashion square nail designsSource Most popular square nailsSource Perfect square nailsSource Fashion square nail designsSource Most popular square nailsSource Gel square nail artSource Acrylic square nailsSource

This manicure is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Amazing square nail artSource

Who doesn’t love a pretty floral pattern? Here are lovely, cute, and sophisticated square nail designs inspired by one of nature’s most beautiful aspects – flowers!

Classy square nail designsSource Latest square nailsSource Acrylic square nail designsSource Awesome square nail artSource Beautiful square nail artSource Trendy square nailsSource


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