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Top 40 Superb Rainbow Nails


Who doesn’t love a rainbow and when you are undecided about what color you want to adorn yourself with, just go with all of them.

Rainbow nails allow you to trend with the best and not have to decide on a particular color.

Be it a pretty glitter design or classy water marble effect, rainbow nail art can step it up for you.

Let us break it down for you with our magnificent images to capture your heart and fashion fetish.

Classic Rainbow Fun

Starting with classic rainbow gradient prints, all you need to decide on is which color you go with first.

Check out these amazing pics to start your journey of rainbow nail designs.

Rainbow nailsSource Cute rainbow nailsSource Photos of rainbow nail artSource Styles rainbow nailartSource Rainbow nails with designSource Amazing rainbow nail artSource Glitter rainbow nailsSource

Add in some glitter to shimmer up your classic rainbow arc. Move away from the typical rainbow 7 colors and add in your own mix. Punchy, bold and catchy, these rainbow nail options are all the rave.

New rainbow nail artSource

Step it up a notch and add in some other cool designs that give your nails character and is very simple to do.

Animal Antics

Animal prints are not only for your clothing and undies but also for your nails. Bring out the animal in you and splash out with rainbow designs on either acrylic or gel layered nails.

Zebra prints mean stripes but rainbow style. The ideas are limitless and rainbow nail polish can go along way when you use your imagination.

Zebra rainbow manicureSource Fashion rainbow nail designsSource

Cheetah print designs are a dime a dozen in nail art, but pep it up with a rainbow nation of color and you have super crazy cat effects.

Rainbow cheetah printSource Trendy rainbow nailsSource Cool rainbow nailsSource Ideas for rainbow nailsSource

If leopards are your thing, then try out these leopard rainbow designs on your next visit for a manicure.

Glitter me

Glitter says “wow!” and “look at me”, so add some glitter effect to your already bright gear and nail designs.

Gel rainbow nailsSource Acrylic rainbow nail designsSource Glitter rainbow nailsSource Long rainbow nailsSource Sparkly rainbow manicureSource

These sequenced designed nails are very simple to do and adding this colored detail will certainly pizazz up any dull outfit. Sparkly and fun, just go with it!

Splash me Pretty

These cute designs splash some bright and crazy colors at you to liven up your day and outfit. Rainbow nail art at its best.

Pretty rainbow nail artSource Rainbow nail artSource Very simple rainbow nailsSource Easy rainbow designsSource Pics of rainbow nailsSource Perfect rainbow nail artSource Awesome rainbow nailsSource

Try go with a different color per nail, whether it be some super cool stripes or a gradient of color.

Different but Devine

Are you orderly but like the rainbow nail art, try these one color per nail options to keep it all neat and precise.

Images of rainbow nailsSource

Like to jazz it up a bit, look at these beautiful pictures of rainbow nail designs with flair.

Pictures of rainbow nail designsSource Rainbow manicureSource Rainbow nail designsSource Best rainbow nailsSource Beautiful rainbow nail artSource Classy rainbow nailsSource

These patterned overlays just make that rainbow look so avant-guard.

Tip Me

Changing that French look tip is trendy and classy. Check these styles out in rainbow nails.

Most popular rainbow nailsSource French rainbow manicureSource

Arty and Awesome

Long or short, your nails can style it with rainbow prints with a dash of art.

Latest rainbow manicureSource Water marble rainbow nail artSource

This water marble rainbow look just screams the arty-farty type. Try it now!

Colored rainbow nailsSource Gradient rainbow nail designsSource Rainbow nail art for short nailsSource


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