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The Best Tiffany Nails


Tiffany & Co is an American luxury jewelry company that is popular worldwide for its high quality, beautiful jewelry. It’s also well known for its turquoise-teal blue-green signature color: “Tiffany Blue.” Tiffany blue nail polish is on trend right now.

Beautiful, light blue, pale blue, bright blue, or blue-green shades of nail polish have been used to create Tiffany and Co inspired nail art. We’ve put together the best Tiffany color nail designs for you here — use it as inspiration for cute, pretty, dainty fingernails when you want to feel stylish and luxurious!

Simple and Sweet!

Here are some very easy Tiffany nails for inspiration when you want the bright beauty of Tiffany and Co nails, but don’t have the time for crazy complex nail designs or tiny details. These designs using the turquoise nail polish that Tiffany & Co is known for are simple, sweet, and bold.

First up, here are some blue-green shades of Tiffany blue nail polish.

Pretty blue tiffany nail polishSource Cool tiffany blue nail polishSource Tiffany blue nail varnishSource

Tiffany and Co nails come in light blue polish too!

Tiffany blue nail polishSource Light blue tiffany nail polishSource Tiffany blue nail art for short nailsSource Pointy tiffany blue nailsSource Pale tiffany blue nail polishSource Pastel tiffany blue nail polishSource Blue green tiffany nail polishSource

Next up are some bright blue Tiffany nails shades.

Bright tiffany blue nail polishSource Best blue tiffany nail polishSource

Crackle-style nails may seem difficult to achieve, but they are easy to do once you find the correct crackle nail polish!

Crackle tiffany blue nail artSource

Easy Patterns

Stripes, polka dots, geometric shapes – patterns don’t always need to be complicated! These Tiffany nails are cute and fun, with their simple and easy to paint patterns that add a bit of extra flair to your manicure.

Zebra tiffany blue nail artSource New tiffany blue nail artSource Styles tiffany blue nail artSource

Gold and silver shimmery nail polish works perfectly with the Tiffany color, as you’ll see in the following nail designs.

Tiffany blue nails with disignSource Tiffany blue nail art for promSource Latest tiffany blue nail artSource Fashion tiffany blue nailsSource

Simple polka dots and stripes create a cute, dainty manicure.

Striped tiffany blue nail artSource Polka dot tiffany blue nail polish.jppSource Cute blue tiffany nail polishSource

Intricate, Delicate Patterns

The best patterns on Tiffany and Co nails, like the company’s real-life jewelry, are absolutely exquisite and beautiful in detail. Grab your detail manicure tools and try your hand at these nail art designs.

Tip blue tiffany nail artSource Tiffany blue nail manicureSource Tiffany blue ombre nailsSource Tiffany & co blue nailsSource Shades of tiffany blue nail polishSource Pale tiffany blue nailsSource

Sparkly Nails with Rhinestone

Whether it be glitter, sparkles, or rhinestones, adding a bit of texture to Tiffany blue nail polish is never a bad idea. These Tiffany and Co nails are for flashy nights out, or when you need to unleash the diva inside you. They’re sassy and cool, sparkly and chic. Never be afraid of adding a bit of shimmer to your manicure!

Sparkly tiffany blue nail polishSource Acrylic blue tiffany nail polishSource Glitter tiffany blue nail polishSource Images of tiffany blue nail artSource Pics of tiffany blue nail polishSource Beautiful tiffany blue nail artSource Very simple tiffany blue nail designsSource Long tiffany blue nailsSource

Talk about an accent nail, right? Using glitter in this conservative way really makes your manicure pop!

Pictures of tiffany blue nailsSource Tiffany blue stiletto nailsSource Fashion tiffany blue nailsSource Fake tiffany blue nailsSource

These last two pictures are to give you some inspiration to use rhinestones with Tiffany blue nail polish.

French tiffany blue manicureSource Pale tiffany blue nailsSource

Tied Up with a Bow!If you’ve ever received a piece of Tiffany & Co jewelry, you’ll know that it came in a light blue box, tied up with a pretty white bow. These Tiffany and Co nails use that real-life inspiration for the following elegant, pretty, and cute nail art designs. They showcase your Tiffany nails for what they really are – something to be treasured, like the most special piece of Tiffany & Co jewelry.Most Tiffany and Co nails use small, dainty white bows to offset pale blue polish, like these examples below.

Easy tiffany blue nail designsSource Tiffany blue nail artSource Classy tiffany blue nail polishSource Mint tiffany blue nail polishSource

Here’s are more untraditional types of thick white bow with darker, more turquoise nail polish.

Photos of tiffany blue nail artSource Gel blue tiffany nailsSource Perfect tiffany blue nail polishSource

Finally, this manicure takes it a step further and even paints a silver Tiffany & Co heart chain on to accompany the white bow!

Ideas for tiffany blue nail manicureSource

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