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Summer Outfit Ideas with a Hat


Summer hats are a stylish accessory that is designed to complete a variety of images. Hats are always in fashion due to the elegance and special chic that will decorate each bow.

How and with what to wear a women’s hat correctly and stylishly, if it’s main purpose is not to create comfortable climatic conditions, but an original and bold addition to the image? This accessory is appropriate not only in cool weather, but also in hot summer, and even indoors – you don’t take off the necklace or scarf when walking from the street. Let’s look at the fashionable variations of bows with wide-brimmed hats and let us have a word to be more resolute when using these hats.

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Summer Straw Hats Outfits

Especially loved by women in the summer. Designers offer to wear them with the hair gathered under the hat or braided. This year, caps with medium-sized brim will be relevant, made with fine weaving. You can complement them with an openwork pattern, ribbons or flowers. This option of a headdress is perfect for a light summer dress or a sundress, clothes made of light jeans, cotton or flax. For a straw hat it is advisable to pick up clothes from natural materials.


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Summer Fabric Hats Outfits

This summer, fashion designers offer options for hats made of cotton. They are a bit like cowboy style. But no need to hurry to pick up a plaid shirt for such a hat. It will look excessive and tasteless. A small accessory is enough, for example, a bag with a fringe. There are also more feminine models.

summer outfit with hat


How to Wear a Wide Brim Hat

This type of hat is preferred for tall girls. Miniature ladies are advised to select products with margins not exceeding the width of the shoulders with a high crown.
The wide-brimmed model is combined with many sets. The red hat complements black shorts, a white blouse and a jacket. The original detail is the belt in the tone of the hat, which will unite the entire ensemble.


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