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Soft and Pretty with Mint Green Nails


Get feminine.  Get pretty.  Get Minty with our choices of mint green nails.

Mint green nail polish is a hue of green that sometimes comes across as pasty and weak, but when you see the creations we have in store for you with these fab images, you will change your mind.

And as it is with color, mint doesn’t just come in a pale variety blend, but also dark and punchy or mysterious and feminine.

Pick your favorite hue and pattern with our awesome mint color nails.

Mint green nailsSource Blue mint green nailsSource Acrylic mint green nail manicureSource Mint colored manicureSource

Mix it up with a spot of difference on some nails.

Menthol manicureSource

Menthol is the name of this green and it reeks of sophistication and class. Revert the tips to the cuticles and just be different today.

Gel mint green nail artSource Mint green fingernailsSource

You will love these soft and sensual mixes of mint green and yellow or gold.  Something about this color mix just makes me think of ancient times and Pharoahs.

Animal Green Goes Wild

Snake it up with this overlay of snake prints in silver. Simply amazing and so ssssizzlingly sexy!

Mint green nail artSource Pictures of mint green nail artSource

Zebra prints work nicely with these mint color nails. Don’t be boring! Zebra’s like color too!

Mint green zebra nailsSource

Getting all wild with these green acrylic nails in animal prints. Splash in some black or gold to make your teeth go grrrr!

Cute mint green nailsSource Mint green tips nailsSource Blue and mint green nail artSource New mint green nail designsSource Styles mint green nailsSource

Glitter and Diamante Mint Green

How beautiful! That little bit of frosting just sets off the mint green to perfection.  Going out for the night, just pop on some 3D decals or stickers in diamante fashion and you are set to go.

Glitter silver and mint green nailsSource Pastel mint green nail designsSource Light green nail artSource Bright mint green nailsSource

One silver nail amongst the bevy of mint sets a statement right up front.

Mint green and silver nail designsSource Mint green and white nailsSource

The bling just works with the mint green. And we love the different patterns on each nail. Stiletto with a difference of a square tip. So original!

Soft and Feminine Mint Green

Classic mint tea green personified in these pictures.

Mint green nail varnishSource Awesome mint green nail artSource

Apple Mint – Simply Delicious

We are loving these soft but crisp apple mint green designs. They are simply delicious and oh so edible (no biting now!).

Ideas for mint green designsSource Mint apple nailsSource

Mint French Kisses

Tip it with a green tinge. Be different, why don’t you? French tips don’t have to conform to pink and white. Life is short. Mix it up!

Mint green french manicureSource Mint green manicureSource Colorful mint green nailsSource

Aqua Mint Impresses

Mint isn’t always light. Try this darker aqua mint and these stunning color combos and designs.

Cute mint green nail artSource Pretty mint green nail designsSource Mint green and blue nailsSource Easy mint green manicureSource Cool mint green nailsSource

Mint green works well with shorter nails. So neat and clean looking. Add in some 3D stickers and nail stickers to really make your nails look good.

Sparkly mint green nail artSource Very simple mint green nailsSource Images of mint green nailsSource

Stiletto pointed tips are coming back and with these mint color nails we know that you will work in your wardrobe and style in no time.

Pics of mint green nail designsSource Photos of mint green manicureSource Ideas for mint green nail artSource

Ombre Style Mint Green

Ombre is in and mixing it up with the pink and green is super funky and cool.

Pink and mint green nail artSource


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