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23 Classy Short Nail Manicure Styles You Need To Know Now!


Summers or winters, casual or formal, a manicure nail art is a must. Here I have simple and classy manicure ideas for you:

Pretty and easy manicure

Try those transparent nails with gold tips. Do your own manicure elegantly in no time!

Simple and cute nude manicure

If you prefer light and sophisticated colors, go for the shiny nude. The nudes are an all-time winner. They look good even when nothing else does.

This has to be the perfect french manicure

And who can forget the French manicure? It looks amazing by all means. It can go with everything you wear, yes EVERYTHING!


Oh you need something girlish? Try the nudes and light shiny shades of pink with a little nail art. You can make the bows, or some cute crowns. It will make you look like a princess. Even little girls who like to get their nails done can try this look. It will work for them as well.


Silver never makes you look dull. You can keep the base color plain white or nude and add some shimmer to it. It is a perfect look for weddings, night outs and events like that.


Black always looks great and if you are talking about winters so there is no other color that can look as good as black. For making your black nails a little fancy, you can simply add a gold stripe to it. It will make you look elegant and classy both at the same moment.


White and pink never looks odd. You can try the bow pattern in white on your light pink nails. It will make you look decent as ever


Less is more! Let’s stick to the simple decent manicure by OPI.


Go for plain white nails or the other option you have is; match your nail color with the accessories you are wearing.


Try the stud look with the shades of nude.


Black and gold is my all-time favorite combination. It looks great with nude as well.


So you need a natural look? This nail design is for you!


You can try different art patterns with black and gold. You won’t be disappointed with the finished look.


For simple and chic look you can always count on matte nail colors.


This nail art pattern is absolutely classic and gorgeous. It will, without any doubt, make you look stunning!


When you are out of time to get ready for a wedding or something, add glitter to your nude nail polish.

DSC06766 copy

You can add shimmer to your simple French manicure for extra glam!


Or the silver glitter, of course!


How about the coffin nails? Yes, let’s be different; try nudes or white nail polish with the coffin nails.


After everything, the option of trying different nail art designs is always there.

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