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Red Glitter and White Christmas Nail Art Patterns


Christmas is the most awaited event of the year,and when it is so near, so all you think about is clothes, parties, gifts, makeup, etc. One of the most important things your nail artists should know, when it comes to makeup is getting your nails done for Christmas.

Red and white is the basic theme of Christmas. You will see these two colors everywhere, from the streets to our houses; it is all about red and white so why not paint our nails in red and white this Christmas? It will give you more Christmas feels and will make you feel better about yourself. So, check these cute nail art designs!

Red glitter and white Christmas nails

Nail art is all you need to try this Christmas. You can use the red glitter nail polish with white. To make this look better, you can paint the white nails and even add studs to it. This will get you look a little fancy. It will look good with anything you wear because it is Christmas, everybody knows the reason you have painted your nails like that. This look is not even time-consuming, it surely deserves a try.

christmas nails

You can paint your nails in glitter red and white polka dots pattern as well. If you like funky looks, add snow mans or Santa to it. It will make it look a lot more funky and cute. I am sure you will love this nail art look like everybody else nailsAnother thing that you can do is, add a little bit of green to your combination of glitter red and white nail polish. It will make sure nails more prominent than ever before. You can use the green color in making a Christmas tree on the white nail; you can keep your other nails plain with glitter red nail polish or you can paint them in a white and red pattern. Overall it is an amazing look, and you should try giving it a chance.

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