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45 Purple Natural Looking Makeup For Green Eyes For New Years Party


Only 6 to 8% of the world’s population have green eyes. For your eyes you obviously need perfect makeup look whenever you need to attend parties, no makeup is complete without eye makeup. You obviously need eye makeup ideas for green eyes that can enhance the natural color of your eyes and make them look more beautiful.

We all know that New year is around the corner, these eye makeup looks can be used for your new year’s party. I am sure you can select the perfect eye makeup for green eyes easily from the lot and you can thank me later.


There are a number of shades of purple. You can use the darker shades with thick black eye liner to enhance the beauty of your green eyes.


Purple makes a great combination with silver. You can use silver eyeshadow to blend the purple shade. It will look the best with curvy eye lashes.b4cc2f48acfbce78a5957a6f9cd3223c

You always have an option to experiment with the colors. You can try different shades of purple together. Just make sure to blend them well. It will create a smoky eye makeup look for you.Eyeliner-with-Purple-Eyeshadow

This is another great eye makeup look for green eyes. You can leave the inner part soft whereas you can have the dark outer area. So that your eyes look more exotic!


You can smash the purple eye shade all over your eyes to create a funky look. This look goes with nude lips!d064458c1269a13f1ecf4923b64c0844

Glitters can never go out of fashion. You can add glitter to an amazing shade of purple and there you go, you are ready for the New Year’s party.blueyemakeup4

Move is another great shade of purple, really light and soft. Go for it if you like to keep your makeup simple.make-up-for-green-eyes

This six step eye makeup look is the best one. You can mix white eye shadow with purple to create a soft look. It will add sheer elegance to your complete style.


If your new year’s outfit is plain or dull, you can try this look. Adding shimmer to the purple eyeshadowis an amazing option. It will add glam to your complete look. It will convert your look from dull to bright in a matter of seconds only.


You can blend shades of purple together, light and dark. It all depends upon how you blend it. The combination of light and dark shade of purple will make your eye color prominent.


Who says multi-tone eyeshadow is too loud? You must go for this look with dark colored clothing.


Move is the best shade of purple. It blends great with the thick eye liner. You can have this look by applying the liner on both top and bottom of the eye.

make-up-for-green-eyes (1)

Purple and pink, can it get any better? This makeup look is very soft and very chic at the same time. I would recommend every woman with green eyes to try this!

beautiful-purple-makeup-2014 (1)

Blend your purple eyeshadow with blue and silver. It creates a great mix, and makes your eyes look bigger. The bigger the better!


You can create a smoky effect by adding pink to dark purple. This makeup look is for women who prefer formal makeup.


If you like your makeup to be properly settled, this eye makeup look is for you! You can add a little orange to your purple eye shadow. Also, for this look, you must keep the eyeliner very thin.


If your outfit for the New Year’s party is light in color, you should go for this eye makeup look. It is dark and perfectly blended giving a smoky look.


Too much purple? Add a little black eyeshadow to blend it. Also, apply thick and curvy eyeliner to enhance your beautiful green eye color. This eye makeup look looks the best if you have thick brows.


That is my type of eye makeup. For every woman who prefers keeping their makeup natural, it is a must to try makeup look. The eyes look natural and the makeup is very soft and

This is the most sophisticated eye makeup look on the entire rundown. When you add a little grey and silver with the purple eye shadow, it becomes an unusual mix. It makes your green eyes even more stunning than ever before.


The option of playing with colors is always there. You can add green to your purple eye shade. The green eye shade complements your green eye color really well thus making it a complete standout.


And who says perfection doesn’t exist? This blend of purple, black and silver is no less than perfect. It looks breathtaking.


Everybody’s favorite, copper and bronze color, look great when mixed with purple. They create a mix like no other. If you like keeping your makeup nude, you can go for this look.


So you need a prominent eye makeup thing for New Year’s party, try this look and hit the floor!


Light and dark is a universal combination. Try lighter shades of purple with black eyeshadow.


Another option for creating the dark eye makeup mix, choose a dark shade of purple to blend in with an even darker shade of green.


Or keep it simple by just applying a purple shimmery eyeshadow evenly.


Mix lighter shades of purple with beige to create a classic look with the matching purple outfit.purple-eyeshadow-look-brown-eyes

A little amount of purple eye shadow is enough to make your eyes look bold.

Photo 814

Let eyes do the talking! Totally perfect for New Year’s party!


You can simply put on purple eye shades with thick lashes. Less time taking yet equally stunning look!Best-Eye-Makeup-Ideas-for-Blue-Eyes-Gold-and-Purple

You can try mixing purple with gold. I am sure it will be magical.


Going out with smoky eye makeup is always a great option!


Replicate Rihanna’s look and look even more gorgeous than her with those natural green eyes of yours!


Keep your eye makeup nude and simply apply purple mascara. Make a statement with this look.hqdefault

Simple purple soft eye shadow never looks bad.


All those glitters CAN BE gold. Add a little glitter to your purple eye shade and there you are, ready for the party!


Women who like to go for heavy eye makeup; this one is an ideal option for them.jenna-dewan-eye-makeup-close-fromglamour

You can make an eye outline with the purple shade to create the look no one else has.87560-675x565-green-eyes-3

Soft purple eyes never hurt anyone. It will make your natural eye color get all the attention.

maxresdefault (2)

You can blend two tones of purple together to make one.woman-with-blue-eyes-purple-eyeshadow

Keep your green eyes neutral by adding more silver and less purple to them!


Or simply make purple more prominent by applying it all around your eyes.


You can give your green eyes a treat by blending purple with shades of blue and pink.


Add shimmery touch of purple to nude eyeshadow. Try this look with extreme curly eyeliner to create a royal effect.


When you have eyes darker and more prominent so you require minimal effort for the rest of your makeup. Try this look with nude lips and hit the party!

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