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9 Mind Blowing Marilyn Monroe Photos Which Will Show You Beauty is Versatile


Marilyn Monroe is an undeniable stunner. She is a fashion icon even today. You may be astonished that she was entire to a size 14 than a size zero like models today.

Without a doubt, many things have changed since her days. However, the main thing here is that she grasped her bends and feminism and was a beautiful and stylish woman until her grievous passing.

If you require verification, have a look at these photos:

marilyn monroe

This black and white image presents a complete style statement even today. She looks uber stylish and chic.


That is the most memorable picture of the great actress and style star, Marilyn Monroe.



Look at the fashion sense she had. Isn’t it causal chic at its best?

marilyn monroe

This woman was completely royal. You can see the floral hat paired up with a formal blazer! She looks absolutely gorgeous!


Here is Marilyn Monroe in a formal dress. She looks nothing but gorgeous. From head to toe, it is all about red even the lip color is matching to her outfit. Also, the little waves in her hair are totally adorable.


She likewise had an amazing body figure. Those curves are to die for. Even today people follow her curves and wish for the same physical appearance. Are you impressed yet? There is more!


This is my personal favorite picture of her. She looks very gorgeous. The way she has paired up that fancy bow top with a formal skirt and blazer is totally amazing. And the strappy heels look great as well. Overall I would rate this look a ten on ten.


Marilyn Monroe was without a doubt a timeless beauty. The black net top looks very chic, and the red lip color is absolutely glamorous. This picture is a proof that beauty is versatile and beauty lives forever!


This is Marilyn Monroe reading a book. Isn’t she gorgeous? The monochrome outfit looks even better than perfect. I can even spy the orange nail color on her toe that exactly matches her lip color.

Believe it or not, she was the most beautiful woman ever walked on earth!

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