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Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older



1.Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older- Using powder

With aging, it is better to give advantage to the tonal crème; the powder enters the pores and emphasizes the wrinkles which you want to hide. You don’t have to give up the powder completely; you can use it to fix the makeup.
2. Improperly chosen tonal crème

Choose a tonal crème with easy texture, crème with reflective particles (they create effect of natural glow).
3. Improperly chosen and applied blush

For example, the blush with purple and brown pigments can make the makeup messy, and will make you look older. Choose blush in natural color, beige-pink, pale pink, pale peach tones. Don’t apply the blush on the cheek bones; apply it on the side part of the cheeks.
4. Improperly chosen corrector

The corrector that you are applying needs to be for a nuance lighter or darker from the powder.
5. Don’t apply mascara on the lower eye lashesmakeup mistakes that make you look older

6. Improperly contouring of the face

To emphasize the cheek bones, you need to properly draw a line of half moon through the centre of the face for about one third of the wideness of the face. That way you will make the face look more attractive. You need to shadow the nuances so there won’t be unnatural limits.
7. Avoid the glowing lipstick

It is better to apply mat lipstick, and on the middle of the lips put one spot of glowing lipstick.
8. Glowing eye shadow on the outside angle of the eye

With this trick you need to be very careful, because if you exaggerate with the glowing eye shadow, you can emphasize every wrinkle. Apply it only in the inside angle of the eye, in the center and under the eyebrow.
9. Eyeliner on the lower eyelashes

This can make your eye to look smaller, and to attract attention on the dark eye bags. Apply the eyeliner only on the upper covers, and the line should be ticker on the outside angle of the eye.
10 Drawing the eyebrows with thick line, even with a black crayon, is a big mistake

Use lighter crayon and then shadow it nicely.

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