Leggings or tights give you a rather dainty and refined look by themselves. But with ripped jeans, it’s like exploring a different dimension. While such distressed jeans feature a badass and couldn’t-care-less- attitude, with leggings peeping through them it’s as if there’s another totally opposite personality hiding underneath.

Leggings under ripped is another way to amp up your winter wardrobe by a notch. Not only does this style look awesome, it has functionality too – it keeps your legs warm! This style has been around for not such a long time but is one that’s definitely going to stick around.

Can I wear Tights Under Ripped Jeans?

Yes! Like mentioned earlier, it looks amazing and helps you stay warm during the colds. Black tights under ripped jeans is a typical and well-known combination. Black being such a versatile color, goes well with any shade of jeans along with any style or color of tops.

Other than the basic black tights under denims, you can try out colored ones too. Vibrant colors like red, blue, pink or purple are some popular colors that can be paired up with white, black or the classic blue jeans. Have a matching accessory, like a purse or jewelries of the same color to complete the look. But avoid having shoes of the same color, it would look odd to have the same colored leggings and footwear.

Fishnet Leggings Under Ripped Jeans

What’s better than solid leggings under ripped jeans? Fishnet leggings! Fishnet leggings under ripped jeans sort of repeats and puts more depth to the badass vibe. It’s the perfect addition to create a fool-proof rebellious look.

Blue jeans is the constant here in these looks. The top part can be adorned with anything you want – t-shirts, cardigans, jackets – anything. Footwear like boots, sneakers or even pumps match up pretty well also.

Lace Leggings Under Ripped Jeans

Lace leggings are the like one of THE most feminine accessories to have around. The intricate patterns and designs sneaking through the rips of the jeans strangely adorn the complete appearance very well. It’s a superb way to uplift an otherwise mundane winter outfit.

Since only a small portion of leggings are visible underneath, you are at liberty to pair up any sort of legging with any type of jeans. Blacks and whites are the typical and safest choice you can start with. But for colored or patterned leggings, pay a little attention to your top and accessories. General rule of thumb: pair any two items with similar colors – like if you’re wearing neon leggings underneath, try wearing a t-shirt with neon graphics or maybe some bracelets of the same shade.

There are many variations available in leggings these days. Starting with colors and patterns, embellished lace leggings are rising up the trend chart pretty quickly also. So, you can try out a plethora of combinations and customize accordingly to get that perfect, rad look.