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7 Jaw Dropping Wedding Makeup Looks


From Kylie Jenner’s bare lips to Kim Kardashions’s gold covers, discover the look that you would prefer for your wedding, all credits goes to the fashion form.

goregous bridal wedding makeup

You can use a pale shade of pink on your lips and eyes, then as a top coat, apply shimmery chestnut eyeshadow on your eyes and give a touch of champagne eye shade in the inward corner of your eyes for an ethereal wrap up.

wedding makeup looks

For a flawless, overlaid makeup look, you can use a gold cream eyeshadow over the internal side of your eyes, and then mix a cocoa shadow over your eyes on the lids and the lower lash area. You must complete this look with a blush in light shade of pink and mauve lip color.

brdial wedding makeup

What do you think about the Kim Kardashian wedding look? You can add glamour to generally common looking makeup look by covering your eyes on the lids and base, and afterward including a touch of dark shadow onto your top for a provocative, smoky impact. Ultimately, shape your cheeks with the help of a bronzer and use some nude lipstick.

bridal wedding makeup

On the other hand, cover your eyelids and base lash line and pick a mild shade of pink and copper eye shade to apply on the top of your eyes for a soft, yet sensational look. At that point use a peach blush on your cheeks and use any shade of rose lip color over your sulk.

bridal wedding makeup

Transform insignificant makeup look into an exemplary look by utilizing earth tones all over yet your lips.

bridal wedding makeup

Attempt a general soft look to truly flaunt your natural magnificence by using eyeliner more exceptional along the external side of your eyes. Complete this look with a mild shade of pink blush and a delicate, yet splendid pink lip color on your lips.

bridal wedding makeup

On the off chance that you typically wear a naked eye and striking red lipstick, don’t be reluctant to wear that seething combination on your big day. It is the classiest look!

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