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How to Wear Polka Dots This Spring?


How to Wear Polka Dots This Spring?

You might be wondering if Polka dots are still in fashion. Well! Guess what? They are very much here to stay and they will be here for a long time. With lots of options to go for; polka dots are the perfect designs to choose from this spring season. Here are top 6 ways in which you can incorporate polka dots to your everyday fashion.

  1. Dresses:

It doesn’t matter if you are not into polka dotted dresses; it is advised to at least make one dress with this design in the coming spring season. Go for trendy and funky colors with polka dots design on it and you will be amazed to see how stylish it will look.

polka dots styles


  1. Shoes:

Polka dot shoes are the next big thing. With matching outfits; they will look extremely trendy and it will become your most cherished pair of shoes because of its style.

polka dots styles


Polka dots are available in pumps, canvas or tom toms as well. Black and white and black and maroon are the most common polka dot colors.

  1. Contrasting Dots:

You can go for big and small contrasting combination of polka dots. This is a relatively new trend and it’s becoming immensely popular now.

polka dots styles


Moreover, you can also opt for a fancy top with big polka dots and a cigarette pant with small polka dots or vice versa and this combination will look absolutely stunning.

  1. Matching Dots:

Yet another great trend to follow this spring season is to incorporate matching polka dots into your fashion wardrobe.

polka dots styles

If you go for a polka dot top with matching polka dot shoes; the entire outlook of your dress will look amazing. Fashion experts also recommend the matching polka dots to make an everlasting fashion statement.

  1. Polka Dot Tops:

If you are looking to make a fashion statement without making much effort about it; do yourself a favor and buy a stylish top with polka dot designs on it.

polka dots styles

Not only it will give a more summery effect but will also go with any kind of pants, jeans or even a skirt of your choice.

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