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How to Remove Gel Manicure at Home

Dear ladies, for sure among us there is some lady who had a problem with gel manicure, how to remove gel manicure at home? Not always we have the time to go to a manicure and sometimes the finances can be a problem too. And in other cases, it is necessary for the gel manicure to be quickly removed from the nails. To remove the gel from your nails there are few to remove gel manicure at home source
One of the most known and simplest methods is by using foil.To remove the gel  manicure at home you will need:

cotton pad (10 pieces)

mean for removing the nail-acetone

food foil (10 pieces)

coil care cuticle

regular file or grinderhow to remove gel manicure at home


If you are doing this for the first time, we recommend you to take a look at some professional videos and step by step photographs with detail recommendation of how properly to remove the gel nails without damaging the to remove gel manicure at home
You need to cut the foil on 10 evenly pieces. With the help of nail file, carefully remove the upper layer of lacquer, but without much effort, don’t touch the surface on the nails so you won’t damage them. Then put the pieces of cotton in acetone, and carefully apply it on the nails, then take the foil and wrap the nails in it, and leave them like that for 15 minutes. Then carefully remove the foil from the nails and work with every nail separately. With the help of coli care cuticle remove the lacquer from every nail. After you have done that, make manicure, even the nails and by need apply therapeutic lacquer to strengthen the structure of the to remove gel manicure at home source

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