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How to Organize Your Nail Polish

Dear ladies, probably in your home you have too many bottles of nail polish, some of them you are use every day and some just take place. Unlike from other cosmetics, nail polishes can be kept much longer than the time listed on the packaging, if properly stored. First, if is well closed. This is justified because of the composition of the nail polishes, components that will quickly decompose and components that can cause infections. In today’s article we want to share with you
How to organize your nail polish 

how to organize your nail polish 1sourcenail polish rack


Avoid placing the nail polishes on sunny place, after use clean the place where the bottle closes with acetone and keep it on a cooler place. If you are creative and have more time you can do storage box nail polishes and there to distribute by color. If you want your nail polishes to be on a visible position, then you can make shelves for storing the nail polish. Shelves can be made of wood or metal grab bars. For organizing the nail polish you can use also jars of candies and cookies. Nail polish can be organized in drawers of your dressing polish shelvessourcenail polish storage boxsourcenail-polish-shelf-sourcenail polish storage casesourcenail-polish-storagesourcehow to organize your nail polish 2sourcehow to organize your nail polish 3source

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