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How to Get Rid of Plaque on Teeth Naturally


How to get rid of plaque on teeth naturally?Almost any person dreams of a snow-white smile. Teeth need regular and thorough care, otherwise plaque, halitosis and tartar may appear. Then the teeth will begin to decay and crumble. To prevent this, you must regularly monitor oral hygiene. Plaque on tooth enamel not only spoils the appearance, but also provokes tooth decay and periodontitis.How to get rid of plaque on teeth naturally? Why does it appear what types of plaque exist and methods for preventing it? What are the ways to remove plaque in dental offices and at home?

how to get rid of plaque on teethsource

Why plaque forms

A mixture of food debris, nicotine resins, bacteria – the main components of an unpleasant film. Even a perfectly healthy person can have a small coating that can be removed with a good hygiene using a paste and a brush.

Teeth by their nature do not have a bright white color, but various shades of gray, white and slightly yellowish. Not only the external impact, but also the anatomical structure affects the condition of the dentition and the appearance of pathology.

The problem occurs in the following cases:

1. Irregular oral care;
2. Excessive use of black tea, strong coffee and tobacco products;
3. Devices for the treatment of copper;
4. A small amount in the diet of fresh vegetables or fruits that help clean the enamel;

how to remove plaque from teeth naturally


how to get rid of plaquesource

5. Violations of the digestive tract;
6. Pathology of the endocrine system;
7. Lack of vitamins and minerals;
8. Metabolic disorder.

Types of Plaque


Yellow plaque on the teeth is soft and is constantly formed in every person who is easily brushed off with a toothbrush when brushing teeth.


At night, white plaque forms on the enamel. It is a safe and soft coating. With irregular brushing, it hardens and tartar forms.


Usually it appears with smoking and frequent use of strong tea and coffee. Tobacco, coffee and tea in their composition have pigmented coloring particles that easily form stones that are not so easy to remove at home.

4.The black

Usually it appears due to a malfunction of the digestive system, the presence of helminthes, a fungus in the oral cavity and dysbiosis.

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