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How to Dress to Look Slimmer


Unfortunately, most of the women don’t have ideal figure. Many of them haven’t time for going to exercise or do diets. To feel comfortable with any weight, you need to know some secrets which will make you look nice.  Properly chosen clothes can make your figure to look thinner and more attractive. Read our today’s article with the advices that will help you to look at least 5 kilograms skinnier. How to dress to look slimmer?

1. Don’t Wear Loose Clothing

You need to know that the wide clothes give visually extra kilograms and it’s not hiding your problematic areas. Don’t try to hide under clothes! Buy clothes in your number.


how to dress to look slimmer 2


2.How to Dress to Look Slimmer-The Right Combinations of Colors

The right combinations of colors, which color will make you look skinner and which color will make you look fatter? We all know the rule that the black color makes us look skinnier and the white makes us look fatter. Use one color to create illusion of slimness. It is old and well known trick, which helps to create unique vertical line. It is not mandatory to give advantage to the black. You can use for example, dark blue and dark green nuances.


the Right Combinations of Colorssource

3. How to Dress to Look Slimmer-Prefer soft, flowing

how to dress to look slimmersource


4. Wear clothes with V Neck

Wear clothes with V neck, blouses, sweaters, shirt with V-neck, and other vertical prints which visually lower the torso.

wear clothes with V Necksource



5. Choose Clothes with Vertical Lines

Buy clothes with vertical lines, not horizontal. Give advantage on the thin lines.

dress to look slim and tallsource

6. Don’t Forget About the Proportions!

Be sure that your hairstyle, clothes and accessories, match your figure, when you look at yourself you need to look proportional.

Don’t Forget About the Proportionssource

Don’t Forget About the Proportions 1source

7.Use underwear for correction of the Figure

This type of underwear helps to hide the tiny flaws and to make the figure look tight. You don’t need to look for something dramatic, a little bit is enough to make the breasts look bigger lower the hips and make the belly flatter.

how to dress to look slimmer 1source

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