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Homemade Leg Wax Recipes


Homemade Leg Wax Recipes .The problem of unwanted hair has always been puzzled by the female. Perhaps the most effective way to make skin smooth and get rid of hair for centuries remains depilation. Today, various means and methods are used to remove excess vegetation on the body. Options can be depilation creams, wax strips, laser hair removal and a shaving machine. Some of them are very expensive, others cause irritation. Nevertheless, there is a safe, comfortable way – sugar or wax depilation.

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homemade leg wax recipes


The composition of the wax mixture

There is a very simple answer to numerous questions on how to make wax for depilation at home, a purchase – purchase all the ingredients for cooking in a cosmetic store. Devices for melting the material are usually available in every home. Wax has a simple composition from which candles and products are made in cosmetology.
To prepare the material you must purchase:

paraffin or rosin;

carnauba or beeswax.

It is permissible to add essential oils of lavender or other herbs to the composition to further flavor the resulting material.
Important! If the wax is prepared with glycerin and paraffin, it will be more plastic and better distributed on the skin surface. When choosing components, it is advisable to buy natural ingredients.

How to use homemade leg wax

Before applying the prepared wax to remove hair, the skin should be prepared for depilation. The skin is thoroughly cleaned – this will contribute to a better interaction of the skin with wax. It is advisable to put almond essential oil on your hands right at the start. Then the wax mass will not stick. The area selected for depilation is degreased and disinfected. Only after this they begin the procedure. The wax mixture is applied with a spatula, strictly in the direction that the hair grows. The mass is removed by a sharp movement of the hand, again in the direction of hair growth. If any particles remain from the wax, they should be removed with special oil intended for this manipulation.

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