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Halloween female beetlejuice


This year, get ready to scare everyone and be the only female Beetle juice.

Our very own version of a female Beetle juice for Halloween with a sexy flair


Who hasn’t watch Beetlejuice when we were younger. Nowadays, Halloween is a party to play dress up as grown-ups and what better time to re-enact our childhood heroes (Even if they are scary ghosts) Forget Lydia, the real protagonist of this Halloween parties will be Beetlejuice <3


Could always use some professional work to your Halloween costume

Could always use some professional work to your Halloween costume

Or maybe just try an over the top Beetlejuice female makeupawesome-beetlejuice-makeup-for-halloween Or be the Grunge version of Beetlejuicemodern-halloween-female-beetlejuiceYou can always wear your own clothes and put an awesome wig to your DIY Beetlejuice costume
my-version-of-beetlejuice-costume-for-halloween Just put together a pair of striped leggings, a white shirt, and blazer. The green hair is a plus!beetlejuice-inspired-diy-costume beetlejuice-female-makeup-for-halloween

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