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Halloween Costumes


Hello dear readers! Halloween is an excellent occasion for holding a costume party, which is why on the eve of the holiday, the issue of preparing drinks, snacks, decor, and, of course, costumes is so acute. Today we want to make your task a little easier, and to bring to your attention ready-made ideas for Halloween costumes.

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To make the Halloween outfit memorable and impress others around you at the party, you need not be afraid of dramatic changes in appearance. The norm is to be ugly, old, fat, ridiculous, vulgar and funny. Halloween costumes can be different, but the main thing is that there is a general concept of the image.



The most suitable topics for creating or selecting a suitable Halloween costume can be considered all kinds of evil spirits, otherworldly forces, monsters, as well as fictional characters in films and cartoons. In general, the idea of creating a costume is as follows, this evening you need to dress up as someone who in real life is completely different. Therefore, if you do not want to dress up as creepy monsters, you can look at the good fairy-tale characters.


Fancy Halloween Costumes
To stand out from the crowd and make an unforgettable bow, you should use unusual images for Halloween, among which you can list the following:
Mummy – created using wide white stripes of fabric that are wrapped around the head and body like bandages;
a bandaged head can complement the image of a nurse or a zombie.

pregnat zombie source

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Halloween Costumes Witch

In the image of a witch, you can enter not only the costume of the witch, but even the costume of Baba Raga, the fortuneteller, the oracle. Pretty concise and classic Halloween costume for girls. By tradition, a charming witch appears in a black cap, black long short skirt and corset

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Annabelle Doll costume

A terrible children’s toy that turns the life of all mortals into hell. This also includes the bride Chucky and other terrifying images of monster dolls.

annabelle doll halloween costumesource


This image is also among the popular ones. Collecting such an outfit is easy. Looking into your wardrobe, any girl can find there elements of a suit. Leather leggings, a corset, a short skirt, a stylish top and many other things can turn your imagination into reality. The basic rule is the red-black color scheme. And, of course, do not forget about the cape. Red satin fabric is perfect for this purpose.


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