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Everyday Makeup For Green Eyes


Green eyes are very rarely found. Do you know how amazingly pink eyeshadow for green eyes enhances the look of a person. If you are lucky enough to have naturally green eyes, I am sure you would want to make them look the best they can.

Eye makeup is a necessary element in your whole makeup. There are eyeshadow colors available that will make your green eyes a stand out without much effort. After asking around from so many people and doing a lot of research on this, I have come to know that rose eyeshadow is that one color that will make your rare green eyes look even more extraordinary. This will also the best wedding makeup green eyes people! Yes, it is! 🙂

Green eye and rose eye makeup

This look is made for women who like to keep their makeup simple and elegant. The rose eye shade is super elegant and will add a very soft touch to your entire face. Because of the mild tone of the color, the natural eye color gets more and more prominent. The shimmers used in this eye makeup look have made the green eye color look even more beautiful than it was before. You must apply eyeliner in a curve in order to get this particular look. This look is a must to try, and I can guarantee that you would not be disappointed with the finished makeup look.

green eyes makeup

Another thing that you can do is, add a little silver to your rose eyeshadow. This will create a smoky eye effect, and it will make the finished look only better. This is a perfect look if you need to go to a wedding or some party.

green eyes makeup

Last but not the least; you can blend your rose eyeshadow with black. Just make sure to mix them well and in equal portions. This will get you look no less perfect. The finished look will complement your eyes like no other thing can. This one is absolutely stunning without a second thought!

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