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Gold and Burgundy Eye Makeup With Black Eyeliner Details


Eye makeup is something necessary when we talk about getting dressed and going out. You can never go wrong with the right eye makeup. There are many eye makeup looks that are trending nowadays. The best combination currently you can find is gold and burgundy. And for the finishing touch, you can add the details of black eye shadow to it and mascara. Here I have some of the amazing black and burgundy eye makeup looks:

Gold and burgundy eye makeup with black details

When Burgundy is mixed with gold, an incredible mix is created. You can add black eye shadow to add the final touches to this look. For making it more formal, try to wear the eyeliner in a curvy way. Remove eye makeup of all kinds from your list which makes your eyes look small. Eyes should always be enhanced in over all make up look. This look is absolutely perfect for weddings of closed ones.


This is my favorite look from the lot. The way gold is blended with the burgundy and black mix, the finished look is uber chic. It will add a soft touch to your face, thus making you a standout among all others. I am sure this look would become your favorite as well, you just have to give it a try.


For people who like to wear fancy makeup, this look is made for them. You can add glitter to the combination of your burgundy, gold, and black makeup. Mix the shades well and add sparkles to them for the final look. Also, try to keep your eyeliner thin with this look and there you go, you are ready for the party.


Here is the makeup look that makes you say ‘wowzaa.’ When you add more burgundy to gold and black, this is what you get. Isn’t it gorgeous? It looks amazing in every way and will make you look absolutely breathtaking.


Less burgundy, and more gold? Yes, it makes another powerful combo. You can try this look for creating a soft and mild makeup look. You will definitely look more than gorgeous with this eye makeup look.

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