Whether you’re trying to sleep or partying late, there’s an outfit for every after dark occasion.

With climate change making summers hotter then ever, here are our top 5 tips to stay cool during the summer months

Cotton Nightwear

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We all need sleep – but hot nights can make it hard to drift off. While air con fans and windows may help, they don’t solve the issue of what to wear to bed.

A cotton nightdress or pajamas could, though. The best fabric for air circulation, it allows the removal of the body moisture produced by sweat, helping us to stay cool as a result.

Clothing experts like Damart offer breathable nightwear in a range of styles. Cotton could be all you need to enjoy a comfy night’s sleep this season.

Linen Shorts and Skirts

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Linen is perhaps the ultimate summer fabric – and it’s easy to see why. It guarantees a cool, airy feel for its wearers, whatever clothing it’s made into. Light, airy bottom wear is essential for warm summer days and nights.

Very often, the baggier they are, the better, as this will likely guarantee better air flow. And of course, linen blends in with almost any outfit. When it comes to both temperature and style, the material offers maximum coolness.

Flowing Silk

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Aside from its obvious glamour, silk clothing is ideal for the height of summer. That’s because it naturally adjusts to our body temperature.

So, if you’re attending evening parties this season, you may want to invest in some. Be aware, however, that dense washed silk often reveals sweat patches – so, to socialise in style, opt for a lighter version of it.

Light silk can be highly effective for staying cool when blended with fabrics like chiffon and cotton. And of course, flowing silk will further enhance the cool factor of your evening ensemble.

Rayon Pieces

Source: https://www.damart.co.uk

If you can’t afford to line your wardrobe with silk, don’t worry – rayon could hold the solution. It essentially mimics the texture of silk, allowing breath-ability when it’s made to be light. It’s often particularly useful in pajama form, as it can help you to stay cool even on the hottest of nights. In addition, it feels very smooth to wear.

For a truly comfortable night’s sleep, why not invest in a pair Rayon PJs?

Chiffon Shawl or Jacket

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Is there anything as elegant as chiffon? Whether you’re on a night-time stroll or at a summer soirée, it can really boost an outfit. And even better, it helps us to stay comfortably warm. To ensure that all your get ups are chic and cool this season, secure a chiffon shawl of jacket.

With clothes designed to guarantee style and comfort, what’s to stop you from enjoying the summer of your life?