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DIY Wedding Invitations


The wedding invitation is the first thing that your friends and family will see before attending the wedding. Because of that, it is very important how the wedding invitations will look like, and how the text will be written. Today, there are a lot of places where you can buy ready wedding invitations for every taste and everyone’s finances. If you like DIY, you are creative and you have enough time, you can make them yourself. For the wedding invitations making, you need to know some things. The wedding invitation should match the theme of the wedding; you should pay attention to the style and color. For making wedding invitations, you will need materials such as: carton, paper, different, bands, lace, decorative paper, flowers, beads and other small things. Choose a technique, in which you want to make your invitations, among the most popular invitations are: quilling, scrapbooking, invitations in scroll shape, posters, candies, riddles etc. and in the end, make up your original text for the wedding invitations. In continue, we present creative ideas for wedding invitation.DIY Pocketfold Wedding Invitation pocketfold wedding invitations templatesource

Unique  Rustic Wedding Invitationdiy lace wedding invitations 1


DIY Lace Wedding Invitation diy lace wedding invitations 2source

Burlap Lace Wedding Invitationreal-burlap-and-lace-wedding-invitationssource

Rustic Wedding Invitationsrustic-lace-pocket-green-ribbon-wedding-invitesource

DIY Blue Lace Wedding Invitationwedding cardssource

DIY Vintage Wedding Invitationmodern vintage wedding invitationssource

DIY Purple Wedding Invitationwedding-allforfashionssource

Golden Lace Wedding Invitation wedding-allforfashions 1source

DIY Scroll Wedding Invitationsmodern unique weddingsource

Diy Homemade Wedding Invitations Ideasmodern unique weddingsource

DIY Scroll Wedding Invitationmodern unique wedding 1source

Boxed Wedding Invitationmodern unique wedding 2source

Glitter Handmade Wedding Invitationwedding-allforfashions source

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