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Carolina Herrera Spring Wedding Dresses

Carolina Herrera is born in the capital of Venezuela, in Caracas, on January the 9th in 1039. She grew up as a future designer in a big family. To start the carrier as a designer, Carolina decided after many comments, of people who have been impressed by her look all the time, Carolina was often at the list of stylish women in Venezuela. Her recognizable look was spotless white shirt, black pants and red lacquered shoes. In 1980, the family of Herrera moved to New York. In the new town, Carolina opens her first company “Carolina Herrera limited”. Soon she presented her debut line that gets the name “Carolina Herrera New York”. The first collection consist 20 dresses.carolina herrera spring 2017 wedding dressessourcecarolina herrera spring 2017 wedding dresses sourceThe presentation of the collection is in organization of the Metropolitan club. Today, there are leading boutiques and perfume salons under the brand Carolina Herrera all over the world. In Spain, the brand is known as elite. The turnover of the company grows with ever year. Traditionally in April, the designers present their bridal collections for next year. One of the leaders in the fashion industry is the brand Carolina Herrera, which wedding dresses wear the brides from all over the world.carolina herrera spring 2017 wedding dresses 2sourcecarolina herrera spring 2017 wedding dresses 3sourcecarolina herrera spring 2017 wedding dresses 4source

The wedding collection of Carolina Herrera includes classical wedding dresses but also wedding pantsuits, which look very elegant with the veil for volume. In her collection there are many interesting models for the lovers of the strict minimalism and also for the lovers of the romantic styles. Wedding dresses with floral applications, delicate lace, and open back and lovely bows. And for the bravest brides, Carolina Herrera made a special model trench-dress strand-up collar and a bold cut!carolina herrera spring 2017 wedding dresses -allforfashions.comsourcecarolina-herrera-bridal-spring-2017sourcecarolina-herrera-bridal-spring-2017 1-carolina-herrera-leadsourcecarolina-herrera-wedding-dresses-spring-2017-sourcecarolina-herrera-wedding-dresses-spring-2017- allforfashions.comsourcecarolina-herrera-wedding-dresses-spring-2017- sourcecarolina-herrera-wedding-dresses-spring-2017- sourcecarolina herrera spring 2017 wedding dresses 6source

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