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25 Lovely Burgundy and Silver Christmas Jeweled Nail Art and Ideas


The importance of the manicure has been changed in the most recent couple of years. Up to this point, painted nails were an image of great, adult tastefulness. Conventional shades with ageless names – burgundy, or red – ruled the market. Here we have the best burgundy and silver glitter nail art designs for Christmas.


I know people who like it loud, so for them this is the best nail art idea. Both of the colors red and silver are very bright. Next one here is what you are looking for 🙂 dark burgundy nails !

For women who prefer warm tones for winter, what you can is add a little glitter pattern to your dark nail color. This pattern will add glamour to the complete look.


We have made really obvious that in the event that you want to design your nail art without using red nail polish, another great option you have is, wear any shade of burgundy and simply include minimal unpretentious touches of silver or gold shine to it.


Stripes of gold on the edges of you nail can make them look very chic and sophisticated at the same time so add a strip of gold to your dark red or burgundy nail color.

Adding a little bit of sparkle to your dark nails is obviously the best option you have.

This one is for women who like it funky. What you can do is add small Santa’s hat to your nails. Coolest nail art design ever!

And if you think the Santa’s hat is too mainstream, you can have the Christmas tree pattern on your nails. Isn’t it funky?

After everything the option of experimenting with the colors is always there. You use different shades of burgundy with whites and greens all at once! It can’t get better!

Here’s the last and my personal favorite nail look. When dark burgundy gets mixed with the silver glitter, I can’t resist it. It looks absolutely phenomenal.

Burgundy and silver Christmas nail art

So, did you pick your favourite nail art for Christmas, you still got a few weeks left to decide.

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